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TB Patient Apologizes, But Defends Actions

Atlanta lawyer insists he was told he wasn't a health threat; search continues for fellow airline travelers

TV Ads on Stroke's Warning Signs Can Improve Care

Better education gets people to the hospital more quickly, study finds

TB Patient Enters Denver Hospital for Treatment

He is a 31-year-old Atlanta lawyer whose father-in-law is a U.S. government TB expert; search continues for fellow airline passengers

Health Toll of 9/11 Still Unclear

Toxic plume has officially claimed one, but many more may be at risk, experts say

FDA Recalls Animal Feed Tainted With Melamine From U.S. Supplier

Health risk to the consumer remains extremely low, officials say

Experts Disagree on Whether TB Patient Needed to Be Isolated

U.S. health officials still seeking airline passengers who could have been infected

Hospital Study Shows Steep Rise in Antibiotic-Resistant Staph

Chicago experience highlights the emerging danger, experts say

Eye-Protecting Sunglasses Are Cool Again This Summer

Many Americans don't realize the dangers posed by UV rays

Driving With Passengers Boosts Accident Risk

Likelihood of a crash doubles with 2 or more riders, Australian study says

Type 2 Diabetes Takes Toll on Teens

Doctors need to use more aggressive measures to treat, prevent disease, experts say

Number of Smoke-Free Households on the Increase

CDC report found the proportion went from 43% in 1993 to 72% in 2003

New Drugs, Better Care Can Beat Malaria

Studies show what can be done to fight a global killer

Diabetes Drug Avandia Boosts Heart Attack, Death Risk: Study

FDA expresses caution; manufacturer defends the safety of oral medication for type 2 disease

Ladder-Related Accidents Climb in U.S.: Study

Fractures most common injury, sending more than 136,000 people a year to ERs

Katrina Victims 10 Times More Prone to Post-Traumatic Stress

Many require long-term mental health follow-up, researchers say

Gardasil Guards Against Vaginal, Vulval Cancers

Researchers found cervical cancer vaccine reduced risk of lesions by 49%

Fish Fed Tainted Food Test Negative for Melamine

FDA continues to detain vegetable protein shipments from China, officials say

Many Americans Confused About Cancer: Survey

1 in 4 think there's not much you can do to prevent it

Air Bags Dangerous for Tall, Small People: Study

A second study finds that women are engaging in increasingly risky driving

Hogs That Ate Melamine-Tainted Feed Released to U.S. Market

Animals' meat no threat to humans, FDA says; some chickens, fish still in quarantine

U.S. Mammography Rates Dropping

Government study found 4% decline between 2000 and 2005

Pool Safety Tips Keep Everyone's Head Above Water

Common-sense measures reduce kids' drowning risk, groups say

FDA Panel Urges Stronger Warnings for Anemia Drugs

Prescribing medications in higher doses poses dangers, research has suggested

Melamine-Tainted Fish Feed Recalled in U.S. and Canada

Many U.S. farms used the product, but it's unclear if contaminated fish was sold, FDA says

Proposal to Give FDA More Muscle Gets Mixed Reviews

Senate bill seeks to improve agency's ability to protect public from dangerous drugs

Farmed Fish Ate Melamine: FDA

It's not clear how much, if any, contaminated stock made it to stores

Retail Tobacco Ads Boost Likelihood of Teens' Smoking

Price cuts, promotions lure casual users into regular puffing, study finds

Firefighters Exposed to World Trade Center Dust Developed Lung Condition

Study author says sarcoidosis isn't really dangerous, but other doctors express concern

Pet Food Contaminant Poses Little Risk to Humans: Report

Melamine was in surplus pet foods fed to hogs and chickens

Washington, NYC America's Most 'Sun-Smart' Cities

Chicago residents are worst for warding off skin cancer, survey of cities and states finds

Dads' Parenting Style Influences Childhood Obesity

Clear limits, parental follow-through can help curb overweight epidemic

Diesel Exhaust Impairs Blood Flow to Marrow

Elderly most affected by exposure to the pollutant, researchers say

Pet Food Recall Widens Again on New Threat

Canadian processor concerned about cross-contamination; U.S. health officials say 4,000 dogs and cats may have died, investigation winding down

FDA: Millions of Chickens Fed Contaminated Pet Food

3 million broilers already consumed; officials say human health risk low

U.S. Assures Consumers of Pork Safety in Pet Food Recall

Report says Chinese animal food manufacturers routinely add the chemical melamine to products

FDA: No Sign of Human Illness from Hogs Exposed to Melamine

Agency searches offices of pet food maker as probe into tainted food continues.

FDA Searches Offices of Pet Food Maker, Supplier

Part of continuing probe into chemical contamination that has killed unknown number of animals

Many U.S. Immigrants Can't Read Prescription Labels

New York City study finds most instructions aren't translated

FDA Says No to Vioxx Successor

Critics have questioned adequacy of safety trials for Arcoxia

U.S. Quarantines 6,000 Hogs Fed Tainted Pet Food

But some contaminated meat may have entered human food supply, agriculture officials say

Rare Lung Disease Found in Food-Flavoring Workers

Lead contamination also high among women workers in battery plants, CDC report finds

A Healthier Planet, a Healthier You

This Earth Day, use an online calculator to gauge your 'carbon footprint'

New Tainted Ingredient Prompts Widened Pet Food Recall

Products imported from China are contaminated with melamine, FDA says

Search for Highly Effective Bird Flu Vaccine Goes On

Scientists gain key insights from seasonal flu shot efforts, experts say

Better Testing Shields Hospitalized Kids From 'Superbugs'

Screening targets drug-resistant staph and enteroccocus, experts explain

Cancer Patients at High Risk of Drug Interactions

Better surveillance could prevent deadly incidents, experts say

Ireland's Smoking Ban Cut Pub Toxins Dramatically

Study found pollutants reduced 83%, secondhand smoke exposure by 99 percent

U.S. Approves 1st Bird Flu Vaccine

Called an 'interim' measure, it was effective about half the time in trials

Change of Season Brings Lawn Mower Warning

Pediatric experts remind homeowners that small fingers, large blades don't mix

Rattlesnake Capsules Linked to Salmonella Poisoning

Hispanic folk remedy may contain lethal bacteria, expert warns