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Free Asthma Screenings to be Offered Across the U.S.

May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, and tests will be run at 300 locations

Teens' 'Competence Skills' Key to Avoiding Drug Abuse: Study

Strong self-image, ability to say 'no' deciding factors in resisting peer pressure

Scientists Frustrated in Search for Genital Herpes Vaccine

Better funding could help defeat the virus, which infects 1 in 5 Americans

E. Coli Cases on the Rise

CDC report shows cases of other foodborne illnesses holding steady or decreasing

Majority of State Medicaid Programs Plan 'Pay-for-Performance' Standards

Nationwide survey finds focus is on improving quality of U.S. care

More Cat Food Recalled; U.S. Warns Retailers to Pull Products

Manufacturer adds Canadian canned food from new plant to its list; FDA says some contaminated foods may still be on store shelves

Monitoring Blood Pressure Is Everyone's Business

May 17 marks World Hypertension Day, and the focus is on prevention, lifestyle changes

Suicides Likelier in Homes With Guns: Study

It's one of top three causes of death among people under 45

Severely Obese Are Fastest Growing Segment of Overweight Americans

Study finds this group grew by 50% from 2000 to 2005

More Pet Food Recalled

20 additional dog and cat products, plus pet treats, join foods with contaminated wheat gluten

April 5 Is U.S. Alcohol Screening Day

Group offers anonymous testing to determine dependency, paths to recovery

Guidelines Target Prevention of Sudden Heart Death in Young Athletes

Task force focuses on quick action in first critical minutes

Pneumococcal Vaccine Helps Prevent Kids' Ear Infections

Study finds rates of repeated ear infections

Emotions Play Major Role in Teen Condom Use

Managing stress associated with birth control key to promoting safe sex, study finds

First-Time DWI Offenders Often Have Multiple Problems

Besides alcohol use, they often abuse drugs, have psychiatric ills, study finds

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Continues to Spark Debate

Most agree that Gardasil is effective, but should its use be compulsory?

Dipstick Test Detects Spoiled Food

American research team develops a format that spots bacterial breakdown of food

Heart Test Shows Who Needs Implantable Defibrillators

It also spots those patients who don't need the cardiac rhythm devices, study says

Rat Poison Found in Recalled Pet Food

N.Y. testing reveals toxin in samples from massive, nationwide recall; manufacturer doesn't know how it got there

Source of 2006 Spinach E. coli Outbreak a Mystery: FDA

Contamination began on a California field but exact cause is unknown, study concludes

Genetically Modified Foods: Boon or Boondoggle?

U.S. regulators say they're safe, but critics aren't convinced

Pet Death Toll Rises in Tainted Food Recall

Canadian manufacturer can't find contamination source in its moist pet food packages; U.S. probe continues

Cardiac Risk Greatest While Firefighters Fighting Flames

Study found they're most likely to die while responding to emergencies

FDA Proposal Toughens Membership Requirements on Advisory Panels

New limit on financial ties would reduce potential conflict of interest, agency says

Raising a Glass for the World's Poor

On Thursday, NYC diners join global push for U.N. World Water Day

Medication Errors Common for Transplant Patients

Better communication could improve the situation, experts say

Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise -- Again

Botox, liposuction among the most popular procedures in 2006, survey finds

FDA Investigating Animal Deaths as Pet Food Recall Continues

Kidney failure may be linked to gluten in food, experts say

U.S. Opens Study of Prescription Drug Abuse Treatments

6 million Americans reported nonmedical opioid use in previous month, experts say

HIV's Houdini Powers Examined

Scientists study how the AIDS virus escapes the immune system

Americans Not Eating Enough Fruits and Veggies

National goals for a healthy diet are still not being met, CDC report shows

Are Common Chemicals Feeding Obesity Epidemic?

Study suggests exposure to phthalates linked to abdominal fat, insulin resistance in men

Many Blacks, Hispanics Misinformed About Alzheimer's

Stigma surrounding the disease can delay diagnosis, a survey finds

Medical Errors Focus of New Campaign

U.S. government wants patients to ask the right questions, protect their health

FDA Announces New Safety Guidelines for Fresh-Cut Produce

Goal is to reduce food-borne illnesses from bacterial contamination

Pets Can Bring Parasite Dangers

A few common-sense steps can keep germs away from loved ones, group says

FDA Tightens Warnings on Anemia Drugs

Higher-than-recommended doses can be fatal to kidney, cancer patients

Don't Lose Sleep Over Daylight Savings Time

Adjusting schedule, getting more sunlight make transition easier, experts say

Booster Seat Laws Keep Kids Safe

More youngsters are being properly restrained to prevent injury, researchers say

FDA Should Release More Drug Safety Data: Experts

But pharmaceutical companies say openness would hurt competitiveness

Medication Errors During Surgeries Particularly Dangerous

Study of 500 U.S. hospitals found mistakes in this setting were three times more likely to cause harm

Flu Shot Cuts Kids' Infection Risk in Half

CDC study findings back government guidelines on who should get the shots.

Scientists Discover 'Natural Barrier' to HIV

A protein in mucosal cells helps keep infection rates down

Heartburn or Heart Attack? Know the Symptoms

Experts offer useful pointers, urging people to err on the side of caution

Hepatitis B Drug Triggers HIV Drug Resistance

Finding calls for change in labeling and use, researchers say

Hospital and Primary Care Docs Need to Talk

Too often, lines of communication break down, threatening patient safety, study finds

Smoking May Be Risk Factor for TB

Tobacco users 73% more likely to become infected, twice as likely to get active disease

Shoddy Cosmetic Procedures Can Leave Lasting Damage

Asking the right questions beforehand can prevent a lifetime of harm, experts say

Lead Removal Times Too Lengthy: Study

Clean-up of home toxins getting quicker but lag endangers children

Experts Offer Dos and Don'ts of Walk-In Clinic Care

Geriatrics Society puts out checklist on using these retail medical centers