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E. coli Toll Reaches 175 Cases

Health officials start to ease restrictions on spinach, while examining farms in 3 Calif. counties

E. coli Toll Now Stands at 173

Health officials start to ease restrictions on spinach, while examining farms in 3 Calif. counties

U.S. Health Officials Start to Ease Warnings on Spinach

Meanwhile, inspectors continue to examine farms in 3 Calif. counties, as number of E. coli infections rises to 166 people in 25 states

Coming Clean on Personal Care Products

Experts debate the risks of chemicals found in the bathroom cabinet

Repeat DUIs Associated With Mental Illnesses

60% with 2 or more convictions have major depressive disorders, study finds

Tainted Spinach Toll Hits 166

Health officials, probing farms in 3 Calif. counties, weigh how to return spinach to consumer tables

Lead Levels May Not Be Stringent Enough

Study finds even 'safe' exposures may mean 25% higher risk of death from all causes

E. Coli Toll Tops 150; Search for Source Continues

Health officials have narrowed their probe to Salinas Valley farms in California; critics hit industry standards

U.S. Health-Care System Scores a D for Quality

New report compared different countries in 37 areas

E. Coli Toll: 146 in 23 States

76 victims are hospitalized; U.S. health officials find first confirmation of tainted spinach

E. Coli Cases Hit 131 in 21 States

66 victims are hospitalized; U.S. health officials still searching for source of tainted spinach

2004 Staph Outbreak Endangered Patients, Caregivers

Bug was resistant to some antibiotics, Baltimore investigators say

E. Coli Victims Now Total 109; 2nd Recall Underway

Another California produce company recalling its spinach products; government renews warning on eating fresh spinach

FDA Widens Spinach Warning

Government advises against eating unpackaged fresh spinach or any product containing spinach as number of E. coli cases reaches 102

Consumers Warned on Spinach as 10 States Report E. coli Outbreak

Packaged fresh spinach suspected in 1 fatality, 8 cases of kidney failure, with more than 50 incidences reported

Vioxx Most Dangerous Cox-2 Drug: Studies

Its heart-threatening effects emerge early and rise with dosage, research shows

Child Drug Safety Data Not Reaching Doctors

Manufacturers are conducting research, then burying the results, study suggests

No Clear Pattern of Illness Among Vets of First Gulf War

But they may be at higher risk for ALS, brain cancer, report notes

SARS Treatments Didn't Work: Study

In fact, some may even have made patients worse, researchers say

Katrina's Floodwaters Far Less Toxic Than Feared

Studies show the hurricane did little to contaminate New Orleans' soil

Crustacean Compound Fights Bacterial Biofilms

Coating medical devices with it could keep infections at bay, researchers claim

Biohazard Detection May Be a Wipe Away

Nanotechnology napkins would alert users to danger, scientists say

Should You 'Go Green' When You Clean?

'Natural' products promise eco-friendly results, but are unregulated and expensive

FDA Again Fines Red Cross Over Blood Collection Practices

No one has been harmed by tainted blood, the agency stressed

FDA Advisers Reject Safety Report on Dental Fillings

Mercury-containing amalgams need further study, they contend

Low-Dose Bird Flu Vaccine Effective

Chinese team reports success with new formulation

Lung Problems for 9/11 Rescuers More Widespread: Study

70% of responders reported pulmonary trouble and twice the rate of abnormalities as the general population

Movie Trailers Expose Youth to Tobacco Abuse

Film, TV execs urged to refuse advertisements glorifying smoking

Campaign Connects Hurricane Survivors With Mental Health Services

A year after Katrina, many are still suffering, experts say

Antibiotic-Resistant Staph Now 'Epidemic'

Infection has moved from hospitals to general community, experts say

Celebrex Has 'No Role' Against Colon Cancer

It helps prevent polyps but doubles users' heart dangers, two studies find

Experts Urge Protection Against Deadly Allergic Reactions

New campaign helps Americans defend against anaphylaxis

New Orleans' Health-Care System Still in Tatters

A year after Katrina, city and region lack doctors, facilities, experts say

West Nile Illness Can Have Long-Term Effects

Half of those infected report mental, physical woes a year later

D.C. Sniper Attacks Left Some With PTSD

Study found 7 percent of area residents at risk for PTSD

Chemical Reaction May Have Caused Eye Infections

CDC report says contact lens solution ingredients could lead to contamination

Sleep Apnea Raises Truckers' Crash Risk

More must be done to curb this highway hazard, researchers say

Antibiotic-Resistant Staph Now a Major Threat

It's the No. 1 source of skin infections seen in U.S. emergency rooms, study finds

New Weakness in Avian Flu Virus Found

Researchers say new drugs could be developed to fight spread of disease

Ghost of the Hurricane: Suffering Still Strong

'Katrina continues to haunt me,' mental health professional says

Unsafe Gun Storage Endangering Teens

Parents focus on the risk to youngsters, not older children, study finds

Alzheimer's Drug May Shield Brain From Bioterror Agents

Galantamine could be first line of defense against sarin and other chemicals, researchers say

External Defibrillator Warnings Not Adequate

FDA has issued warnings for one in every five devices, study finds

Study Examines Latex Transfer to Food in Packaging

U.K. researchers say even small amounts can be deadly and urge stringent labeling changes

Common Household Chemical May Harm Lung Function

It's found in air fresheners, mothballs and other products, researchers report

Estimated 500,000 Need Mental Help a Year After Katrina

But experts say there's a dire shortage of services in the Gulf Coast region

9/11 Rescuers Have Reduced Lung Functions

New research finds rescue workers have reduction equivalent to 12 years of aging

Bird Flu Pandemic May Not Develop

Virus doesn't show signs of mutating easily, U.S. government researchers now say

Heat-Related Deaths in U.S. on the Rise

Toll tops 150 as California reports 132 fatalities, mostly elderly

Danes Are the Happiest, Study Says

U.S. comes in 23rd in not-so-formal global survey