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Health Tip: Childproof the Laundry Area

Make sure kids don't have access to potential dangers

(HealthDay News) -- The laundry room can be a potentially dangerous place for young children, but taking precautions can help reduce the risk of accidents.

The American Academy of Pediatrics lists these laundry room safety guidelines:

  • Store all laundry products in original packaging with labels intact.
  • Always follow all instructions on laundry products and become familiar with the safety information.
  • Never mix laundry detergent with household cleaners or ammonia, as those may produce harmful fumes.
  • Store all laundry products (especially those in spray bottles) in a high, locked cabinet out of reach of children -- never on top of the washer or dryer.
  • Properly dispose of laundry containers and do not reuse them; promptly and thoroughly clean up spills and wash hands after touching laundry products.
  • Keep the laundry room door closed and locked to keep children out.
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