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Face-Saving Devices: Seat Belts and Air Bags

Using both dramatically reduces risk of fractures, study finds

U.S. Car Crash Deaths Down, But Still Surpass Other Nations

Decline of 31 percent lowest among 20 countries studied

Buckle Up in the Backseat, Experts Advise

About 400 deaths a year might be prevented if more people wore rear seatbelts

Crashes Cause Majority of Deaths for Truck Drivers

U.S. government report finds 1 in 3 who died weren't wearing seat belts

Seat Belts, Air Bags May Save Your Kidneys

Car safety devices reduce risk of serious kidney injury by about one-quarter, study finds

In Crashes That Kill Children, It's Their Driver Who's Often Drunk

Finding highlights need for additional penalties for those convicted of drunk driving with a child passenger, MADD says

Nearly Half of High Schoolers Text While Driving: Survey

Those teens also more prone to drunk driving, results show

Many Parents Texting, Phoning While Driving Their Kids: Survey

Cell phone chats most common, but distractions also include grooming, Web surfing and child care

Fewer U.S. Teens Dying in Teen-Driver Crashes

Risky rider behavior and passenger fatalities have lessened, but texting and speeding remain deadly habits, report says

More Americans Buckling Up Than Ever Before: Report

Overall seat belt use hits 86 percent nationwide, most dramatic increases seen in southern states

Injury-Linked Deaths Vary Widely Among States

Report finds too few states require proven safety policies that would save lives

Obese Drivers Less Likely to Buckle Up: Study

Morbidly obese people also are more likely than normal-weight people to die in car crashes

Kids of All Weights Benefit From Car Seats

Even overweight children safer when using the correct seat for their height and weight, study finds

Ill-Fitting Children's Seat Belts Common in U.S., Study Finds

Improper fit can result in serious injury, safety experts warn

Fewer Than Half of Kids Hurt in Car Crashes Wearing Seat Belts

Black, Hispanic and Native American children less likely to buckle up, study says

Keep Kids in Rear-Facing Car Seats Until Age 2

Many parents think the first birthday is time to face front, but experts say it's safer to wait

Keep Kids in Rear-Facing Car Seats Until 2, Experts Say

Pediatricians' group says positioning kids longer in this way is safer

Six Out of 7 Drivers Use Seat Belts: CDC

But stronger laws needed in some states to get scofflaws to buckle up, save lives, report suggests

Airbags Appear Safe for Pregnant Women

Risks without devices far outweigh possible complications, experts say

Traffic Deaths Near Peak in September

School children, wet leaves and deer pose driving challenges this time of year, safety group says

Improper Use of Booster Seats Puts Many Kids at Risk

Study finds most booster seats are installed incorrectly or misused

Safety Seats Get Nod Over Belt Use Alone

Study showed 21% reduction in the risk of death for children in crashes

Health Tip: Old Enough for a Seat Belt?

When your child is ready to leave the booster seat

From Booster To Seat Belt

How to know when to make the switch

Saving Face

Seatbelts and airbags reduce risk of facial fractures

Kids Soon May Need Own Seats on Planes

FAA intends to require safety seats, too

Twilight Heightens Deer Collisions

Accident rate 30 times higher in the afterglow of day, new research finds

Belting Down the Highway

Buckling up definitely the ticket to cutting auto deaths and injuries, particularly for kids