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Weight-Loss Surgery Cuts Heart Risk 7 Years Later: Study

Patients maintained lower weight, improvement in cholesterol levels

Targeted Radiation for Lung Cancer May Carry Risks

Case report warns the relatively new treatment killed airway tissue in woman with early-stage disease

Fertility Treatment Tied to Higher Relapse Rate in Women With MS

Risk is still higher if in vitro fertilization attempt is unsuccessful, small study found

Statins May Leave Patients With Less Energy: Study

Women especially reported more fatigue with Pravachol, Zocor

Many People With Type 1 Diabetes Missing Treatment Goals: Study

Blood sugar control remains a challenge despite improvements in care

New Drug Effective for Rare Genetic Skin Cancer: Studies

In early research, fewer tumors developed in patients with basal cell nevus syndrome

Ginseng Capsules Seem to Ease Cancer-Related Fatigue

Study found herb worked better than sham treatment, but only after about 2 months

Smokers Have Higher Surgical Costs, More Complications: Study

But former smokers were no different than nonsmokers, results showed

Common Painkillers May Help Prevent Skin Cancer: Study

Over-the-counter, prescription 'NSAID' meds appeared to lower risk in Danish patients

Severely Obese Have More Complications With Spinal Surgery

Study found almost doubled risk after spinal fusion

Aspirin May Prevent Recurrence of Deep Vein Blood Clots

But results of one small trial do not change clinical practice, expert says

Patients May Receive Too Much Acetaminophen in Hospital

Use of drugs such as Tylenol, Percocet can exceed recommended daily dose, study finds

Asthma Meds May Be Linked to Irregular Heartbeat

Early study found more arrhythmias in young people on certain inhalers

More Research Points to Long-Term Ills With Bone Drugs

Bisphosphonates used for osteoporosis raise risk of rare fractures over time, study says

Two-Drug Combo May Be Safe for Melanoma Treatment

Preliminary research found reduced skin-lesion side effect

Many Primary Care Docs Don't Know Long-Term Effects of Chemo: Survey

Experts stress that information needs to be passed on after cancer treatment ends

Blood Clot Risk Linked to Some Non-Pill Contraceptives

Women using hormone-releasing skin patches, implants, vaginal rings were more likely to develop clots, study finds

Study: Gene Therapy for HIV Safe, But Effectiveness Still Unclear

Patients doing well a decade later but virus itself not eradicated

Rate of Statin-Linked Muscle Woes Unclear, Study Suggests

Coding used by health professionals to report problems may not show true picture

Lower Risk for Bowel Obstruction With Less Invasive Surgery: Study

Swedish researchers compared open surgery with laparoscopy

Experimental Gel May Help Those With Advanced Parkinson's

Infused treatment of standard drugs appeared better than pills for stabilizing 'off' time, researchers report

CT Scans Deliver More Radiation to Obese People: Study

However, risk of side effects might not rise, expert says

Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects May Last for Years

Study finds lingering pain, swelling, fatigue, mobility problems in many women

Codeine After Surgery Could Endanger Certain Kids: Study

In children with rare gene mutation, post-tonsillectomy death seemed to be due to reaction to pain medicine

Preteens More Likely to Report HPV Vaccine Side Effects

But symptoms were not serious, survey found

Study Suggests Vaccine May Help Kids With Brain Cancer

Researchers report immune system boost and eventual tumor shrinkage in small group of patients

Long-Term Estrogen Therapy Does Up Breast Cancer Risk: Study

Data from government-funded study contradicts earlier findings on menopause treatment

Thyroid Surgery Riskier for Older Patients: Study

Those between 65 and 79 had twice the risk of serious side effects

Antipsychotic Drugs Might Raise Heart Attack Risk: Study

Researchers saw a 'modest' increase, which decreased over time

Community Hospitals Safe for Angioplasty: Study

Patients did just as well in qualified local facilities as those with heart surgery units

Experimental Pill May Ease Multiple Sclerosis Disability

Latest trial shows laquinimod can also help prevent relapse

New Gel Treats Precancerous Skin Condition in Days: Study

Shorter treatment time is an advantage, researcher says

Drug Reduces Complications in Surgical Abortions: Study

But misoprostol does have side effects, large study found

Study Produces Mixed Results on Alzheimer's Drugs

Aricept, Namenda combo may not boost benefits, but staying on Aricept worthwhile, findings show

Estrogen-Only Therapy May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Study looked at women with hysterectomy taking hormones for menopause symptoms

Prescription Meds Can Put on Unwanted Pounds

They include drugs for diabetes, mood disorders and other chronic conditions

Older Prostate Cancer Patients Might Be Overtreated: Study

Men with short life expectancies are put at risk for complications, researchers say

'Chemo Brain' May Linger 20 Years After Breast Cancer Treatment

Some women who received a once-standard drug regimen still have memory problems, study says

FDA Advisers Back Weight-Loss Drug Qnexa

Drug had been previously rejected because of concerns about possible heart problems, birth defects

FDA Weighs Fate of Qnexa for Weight Loss, Again

Drug previously rejected because of possible heart problems, birth defects

Hepatitis C Now Kills More Americans Than HIV

Middle-aged most often affected, and many are unaware they have been infected, CDC says

Age Doesn't Raise Complication Risk for Pregnancies With Donor Eggs

Study found diabetes, hypertension, other risks comparable in women 42 and under, 50 and up

Stem Cell Treatment Might Reverse Heart Attack Damage

Patients' own cardiac stem cells reduced scarring in preliminary study

Wider Waistlines Linked to Memory Problems in HIV Patients

Certain anti-HIV drugs can cause central weight gain, researchers say

Higher Cancer Rate Seen in Children With Juvenile Arthritis

Researchers say fourfold increase might not be linked to treatment drugs

Kids' Diarrhea Vaccine Appears Safe After All: Study

Risk of intestinal side effect didn't rise; children should be vaccinated, experts say

Certain Cancer Drugs May Have Fatal Side Effects: Analysis

Risk is very small, but doctors, patients should be made aware, investigators say

It's 'Buyer Beware' When Getting Statins Off the Internet

Safety information, side-effect warnings are often lacking, British study finds

Bipolar Drug May Spur Weight Gain, Thyroid Problems: Review

Overall, lithium still 'treatment of choice' but docs urged to watch for and manage side effects

Melanoma Drug's Link to Other Skin Cancers Identified

New study suggests ways around the risk for patients