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Social Isolation Linked to More Pain After Hip Replacement

Patients lacking social support at higher risk of ongoing pain 2 years after surgery, study found

Social Networking Sites May Help Smokers Kick the Habit

Users built strong connections to others, felt more empowered to quit, study found

Teens' Antisocial Texts May Foretell Bad Behavior

But teenagers also use texting in positive ways, study finds

Lying in Virtual World Can Be Spotted, Study Finds

Researchers found slower, shorter responses in electronic messaging were clues to deception

Friends' Online Photos May Sway Teens' Behavior

Pictures of peers smoking or drinking might encourage others in social network to do the same, study says

Facebook Use Linked to Brain's Reward Center

The nucleus accumbens is more strongly activated by positive social feedback, small study finds

Could Facebook Habit Make You Less Happy?

Life satisfaction dropped as use increased among young adults, study found

Nice Kids Get Treated Nicely: Study

Reputation matters among kindergarteners, Japanese researchers found

Dolphins Remember for Decades, Study Finds

The unique 'signature' whistle that each dolphin uses appears to be recalled by others, even years later

Social Media Helps Pin Down Source of Foodborne Strep Throat Outbreak

Facebook users realized many high school banquet attendees were ill, notified health department

Employers May Misjudge Job Applicants Based on Facebook Pages

Online postings about drinking, drugs not a good reason to eliminate applicants, researchers find

College Kids Trend Toward Twitter, Adults Favor Facebook

Whatever the vehicle, it reflects growing signs of self-absorbed behavior, study says

Smartphone Apps Can Make Workouts More Fun

Latest technology lets you jog along with zombies, bulls and race cars

Rich 'Cougar,' 'Sugar Daddy' Stereotypes Might Not Mirror Reality

Instead, couples with big age gaps tend to be poorer, study finds

Socializing May Ease Pain of Breast Cancer

Study found that women with the largest support networks reported best quality of life

16 Percent of U.S. High Schoolers Victims of Cyberbullying: Study

About 1 in 6 reported being targeted within past year

Too Much Texting, Facebook Time May Lower College Women's Grades

Media use for freshmen adds up to 12 hours daily, poll finds

Doctors Urged to Refrain from Social Media Contacts With Patients

Texting or 'friending' patients on Facebook frowned upon in new professional guidelines

Isolation, Loneliness May Raise Death Risk for Elderly

Study found lack of social contact a bigger predictor of early death than just feeling alone

Facebook Users Take 'Unfriending' Seriously, Survey Finds

And talking about it makes matters even worse

School Bullies Often Popular, Survey Finds

Middle school students reported that the same kids who were 'cool' were also the most aggressive

Texting Doesn't Replace the Feel-Good Effects of Talking, Study Says

Girls who actually spoke to their mothers experienced positive physical responses

Twitter May Help Those Trying to Lose Weight

Adding 'tweets' to a weight-loss program encouraged success among participants, study finds

Survey Refutes 'Loner' Stereotype of Video Gamers

Many play to boost their social lives, research suggests

Strong Social Support Seems to Boost Breast Cancer Survival

Quality, not just quantity, of personal relationships linked to better outcomes, researchers say

Social Media Could Boost Condom Use, Study Suggests

Facebook community made strides by focusing on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

TV for Kids Filled With Social Bullying, Study Finds

But it's unknown if popular shows influence behavior

Curbing Suicide Now a National Priority, U.S. Says

Facebook is reaching out to save lives, too, under new government-led initiative

Many Teens Drinking, Taking Drugs During School: Survey

Roughly half knew classmates who sold drugs, and knew nearby spots to drink or get high during the day

Who Has the Most Sway on Facebook?

Men, over-30 users are more influential than others, study finds

People Love Talking About Themselves, Brain Scans Show

Self-disclosure on social media might serve evolutionary purpose, researcher says

Media Multitasking Might Have Mental Upside

Young adults in study were better able to integrate sensory information

Being Ignored Feels Just as Bad Online

Whether on social networking sites or face-to-face, exclusion stings, researchers report

Physician Misconduct Showing Up on the Internet: Survey

New poll of medical boards reports online professional violations by doctors

Twitter Adding to Stigma of Epilepsy, Study Says

'Tweets' mentioning seizures often include jokes about serious neurological disorder

Teens With Autism Preoccupied With TV, Video Games: Study

But they're much less likely to use screen time for social media or email

More Patients Seek Plastic Surgery Advice From Facebook, Twitter

Surveyed surgeons said Botox, nose and eyelid modifications among most common requests

Facebook Might Be Tough on Users With Low Self-Esteem

Inundating friends with negative life details makes 'poster' less likeable, study finds

More Americans Seeking Love Online: Study

Dating websites offer romance, but 'science' behind claims is called sketchy

Too Much Testosterone Linked to Inflated Ego: Study

Female volunteers less apt to cooperate after taking the hormone supplement

Gossiping Might Be Good for You

Telling others when you see someone behaving badly makes you feel better, study suggests

Blogging Can Help Calm Anxious Teens: Study

Responses were positive, supportive when adolescents went online with social problems

Online Forums Can Help Women Cope With Pregnancy Loss

After miscarriage or stillbirth, message boards offer safe, convenient way to share feelings, study shows

College Students Still Vulnerable to Bullying

Harassment, especially cyberbullying, can continue beyond high school

More Facebook Friends, More Gray Matter in Brain?

Finding could explain why some people are more social than others, researchers say

Twitter Reflects World's Changing Moods

Global truths: people are happier on weekends, grumpier as workday drags

Men Just as Cooperative as Women

Both genders likely to choose public good over self-interest, large review finds

Internet Sex Offenders Reveal Some Patterns

Majority bring up sex in first chat with young computer users, study finds

Group-Think Can Influence Your Memory, Research Shows

Study probes science of false memories, finds brain scans show regions that activate in groups

Is Social Networking Changing the Face of Medicine?

For women rallying against 2009 mammography proposals, Internet was strategic new tool, expert says