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Health Tip: Asthma Plan for Kids

They can be protected at school, too

MONDAY Feb. 28, 2005 (HealthDay News) -- While its important for all asthmatics to have a management plan, it's especially important for a child whose asthma is aggravated by exercise to have such a plan on file at school.

Asthma symptoms can interfere with many school and extracurricular activities. But with teamwork between parents and school staff, kids with asthma may even excel in athletics.

Teachers should ask the child's parent for specific instructions, which include:

  • The nature of the child's exercise-induced asthma.
  • Which medications are used to prevent the condition and how to use them.
  • Other techniques to prevent exercise-induced symptoms (for example, a warm-up period).
  • Warning signs of an asthma episode.
  • How to treat an asthma episode.

Parents can:

  • Meet with the teacher, school nurse, and, perhaps, the principal at the beginning of the school year to make them aware of the child's asthma.
  • Explain the child's asthma, what medicines he/she uses, and possible side-effects.
  • Explain that students with asthma should be treated like other children.
  • Encourage school personnel to allow the student to take his/her medications as required, without making it "a big deal."
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