Health Tip: Soothing a Cough

Suggestions to stop the hacking

(HealthDay News) -- Children often develop a cough due to the common cold or a respiratory infection.

Here are suggestions on how to soothe an itchy throat and help calm your child's cough, courtesy of the St. Luke's Children's Hospital:

  • Try cough drops and cough syrups to soothe the throat and break up congestion. Check with your pediatrician to find out if your child is old enough to begin taking cough medicines.
  • Warm beverages, especially lemonade, herbal tea and apple juice, may loosen congestion and relax your child's breathing.
  • A humidifier can help soothe a dry cough.
  • Don't let your child exercise or overexert himself while he's sick, as it can exacerbate a cough.
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