Gesundheit, Fido!

Your pet may have a food allergy, too

(HealthDayNews) -- Food allergies aren't exclusive to humans. Your pets can suffer too, only they can't describe the problem.

In dogs and cats, the symptoms of food allergy are dry, itchy skin, stomach upset and occasional changes in behavior. The foods most often associated with pet problems are cow's milk, beef, fish and cereal.

According to the Australian Veterinary Journal, if your veterinarian suspects a food allergy, the best way to diagnose it is with an elimination diet. This is a special food that's made with meats and vegetables that your pet hasn't eaten before.

So if you think your dog may be allergic to beef, try a diet made with lamb and rice. Cats who may be allergic to fish could be given meals made with venison and potatoes.

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