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If You've Got Eczema on Your Face

Here's something you may have overlooked

(HealthDayNews) -- Eczema is one of those words that means whatever a dermatologist wants it to mean.

Some dermatologists use "eczema" as a synonym for "dermatitis," meaning any reddened area of the skin, usually with scaling, crusting or itching. The usual treatment, if the eczema isn't too severe, is to apply a mild steroid cream like hydrocortisone and hope that it goes away. Eczema is often an allergic reaction, and the only really effective treatment is to stay away from anything you're allergic to.

But according to the journal Allergy, most people, including dermatologists, overlook house dust mites when they go looking for allergens. They think of food and laundry detergents, but never even consider the mites that are in every home.

In one study, 28 patients had their homes vacuumed with a high powered vacuum, and their mattresses placed inside special bags that would contain the dust. Inside of six months, all the patients showed dramatic improvement in their skin conditions.

Their skin looked better, and so did their homes.

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