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Toxic Mold a Fast-Growing Problem

It could become a threat as big as asbestos

(HealthDay) -- At least two families have decided to burn their homes rather than pay the high cost of repairs, and one homeowner received a $32 million lawsuit settlement. Those are the extreme results of cases of toxic mold, a confounding health problem that's spreading across the United States, Time magazine reports.

The problem has spawned a cottage industry among home-repair companies and lawyers, and has involved well-known people, like anti-pollution crusader Erin Brockovich, the story says. The Environmental News Network says the problem may become as big as the asbestos problem of 30 years ago.

The Seattle Times reports on one typical case involving an expensive home.

Today's Homeowner and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have fact sheets about the various species of mold and what to do about them.

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