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Poll: U.S. Adults Support Smoking Ban in Cars With Kids

3 of 4 also agree homes of children with asthma, other lung problems should be smoke-free

2 Million Deaths a Year Could Be Due to Air Pollution: Study

Rises in ozone caused by humans mostly to blame, researchers say

Smoggy Days May Raise Your Odds for Burst Appendix

Study found the risk rose by up to 22 percent after consecutive high-ozone days

Smog Tied to Higher Risk of Lung Cancer, Heart Failure

Even low pollution levels linked to harmful effects in studies

Trees May Save a Life Each Year in Big Cities

U.S. Forest Service measured pollution-busting impact of 'urban forests'

Polluted Air Linked to Autism Risk

Pregnant women who live with smog at higher risk, but experts caution the finding is not definitive

Noise, Dirty Air May Be Double Whammy for the Heart

Both pollution sources associated with hardening of arteries, study suggests

Living Near Major Roadways in Pregnancy Tied to Respiratory Woes in Children

Infants may have higher risk for conditions like pneumonia, study found

Living Near Heavy Traffic May Harm Kidney Function

Polluted air can lower organ's filtering ability, new research suggests

'Nonsmoking' Hotel Rooms May Not Fully Protect Guests

Partial smoking bans still left study participants with signs of tobacco exposure

Trees Plus Man-Made Pollution Creates Smog, Study Suggests

Interaction between pollution and molecules produced by nature may lead to lung cancer, researchers say

Secondhand Smoke Tied to Lower 'Good' Cholesterol in Teen Girls

Living with smokers may raise risk for heart disease, study suggests

Sampling New York Subway Air for Science

Little difference in microbial population thanks to well-ventilated system, researchers say

Many Americans Breathing Cleaner Air: Report

But some cities continue to have dangerously high levels of ozone and soot

Air Pollution May Speed Hardening of Arteries

Study found people exposed to higher levels showed more thickening of vessels

Smog Exposure During Pregnancy Might Raise Child's Cancer Risk: Study

But research needs replication before conclusions are drawn, experts say

Traffic Smog Tied to Serious Birth Defects

California study found higher risk of spinal cord, brain disorders

EPA Proposes Cleaner Fuel, Car Standards

Regulations will prevent thousands of early deaths, hospitalizations, agency says

Health Tip: Take Care of Mold Problems

Here's how to clean it up properly

City Kids Exposed to More Lead From Contaminated Dust in Summer

Scientists found that wind, humidity raise levels of airborne particles

Smog May Boost Death Risk for Heart Attack Survivors

British study followed 150,000 patients after discharge from hospital

Smoggy Air Tied to Heart Attacks: Study

Houston research tracked peaks in ozone, pollution levels

Open Windows, Lower Risk for Preterm Birth: Study

Increased ventilation reduces exposure to secondhand smoke, chemicals, researchers say

Exposure to Smog in Early Pregnancy Linked to Complications

High ozone levels during first trimester may raise risk of preemie birth, preeclampsia, study finds

Smog Exposure During Pregnancy Tied to Tinier Babies

International study looked at more than 3 million births

Lead Levels Down in U.S. Kids, But Asthma Cases Rising: EPA

Report looks at the environment's effect on children's health

Airborne Toxins Down, But Overall Pollutant Levels Rising: EPA

Better technologies may bring cleaner air, but dumping of toxins onto land is rising, agency says

Reductions in Wood-Burning Stoves Tied to Lower Death Rates

Australian study found air quality improved, especially boosting men's respiratory health

EPA Lowers Permissible Soot Levels in Air

Change will save lives, as much as $9 billion annually, agency says

Cleaner Air in U.S. Boosting Life Expectancy, Study Finds

Continuing to reduce fine particle air pollution prolongs survival, researchers say

Study Sees Possible Link Between Air Pollution and Autism Risk

Infants in high-smog areas were more likely to develop the condition

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazards Rise in Colder Weather

Heating devices such as fireplaces, furnaces, lanterns can emit deadly gas

Secondhand Smoke Very Unhealthy for Kids in Cars: Study

Backseat exposure to polluted air is worse than in restaurants, bars, casinos

Airport Smoking Areas Expose Travelers, Workers to Risk: CDC

Ventilating buildings and cleaning the air doesn't eliminate secondhand smoke exposure, study finds

Living in Smoggy Areas May Reduce Seniors' Brainpower

Study tied high pollution to lower test scores for memory, language

Most Accurate Climate Models Point to More Global Warming

NASA-funded study supports predictions of sharper rises in temperature

Harmful Chemicals Found in Day Care Centers, Study Says

High levels of formaldehyde detected in California facilities

When Adults Smoke in Cars, Child Passengers Suffer: Study

Even with window open or air conditioner on, kids still exposed to secondhand smoke

Healthy Lungs May Keep Brain Running Smoothly

Swedish study found link between problem-solving ability, lung function

Leaves Decay Faster in Warmer Temperatures, Scientists Say

Finding may advance research on climate change

Lung Function Recovery Seen in People Exposed to World Trade Center Site

Breathing tests improved more for 9/11 rescue crews than nearby workers

Health Tip: Improve Air Quality at Home

Eliminate sources of pollution

Using Exhaust Fan on a Gas Stove Cuts Pollution: Study

Researchers also found cooking on back burners was better for air quality

London Smog May Be Tough on Olympians

Pollution can worsen symptoms associated with exercise-induced asthma, experts say

Reducing Ozone Limits Would Save Lives, Report States

Up to 2,480 deaths could have been averted if current standard was met, researchers say

Health Tip: Protect Yourself From Wildfire Smoke Exposure

Stay inside and try to keep indoor air clean

Asthma Rates Higher Near Busy Highway

Researchers suspect emissions from vehicle may inflame the lungs

Even Brief Ozone Exposure May Raise Fatal Heart Risk: Study

Air pollution claims 40,000 to 50,000 lives in U.S. each year

EPA Proposes New Cuts on Levels of Soot in Air

Agency says the change will end up saving the nation money by cutting health care costs