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Breathing Smog While Pregnant May Worsen Asthma in Offspring

Prenatal exposure linked to later lung dysfunction, researchers say

Beijing's Olympic Smog Shows Pollution's Effect on Health

As air quality rose and fell, so did blood-clotting factors, study found

Secondhand Smoke May Harm Heart Function

Just 30 minutes of exposure can damage the lining of the blood vessels, study shows

Hot Weather's Return Brings Ozone Warnings

Kids, seniors most vulnerable to ozone exposure, experts say

Leaded Gas Exposure Linked to Later Violence: Study

Rise in assault rates traced back to contaminated city air

Air Quality Improving in Many U.S. Cities: Report

Even Los Angeles showed lowest smog levels in more than a decade, data found

EPA to Cut Air Pollution from Natural Gas 'Fracking'

First-ever standards for controversial industry should cut smog, but environmentalists say more can be done

More Smog Might Mean More Hospitalizations

In New England, Medicare patients from more-polluted areas were more apt to need care

People Stir Up Millions of Bacteria When Entering a Room: Study

Findings might help efforts to improve indoor air quality, researchers say

Breathing Smog in Pregnancy Linked to Child's Behavior Problems

Study found with moms' higher exposure, kids were likelier to have anxiety, depression at age 6

Secondhand Smoke in Childhood Linked to Lung Disease Years Later

Study found it nearly doubled risk for breathing condition

Gas Engines May Be Dirtier Than Diesels in One Respect

Researchers trace most secondary aerosol pollution back to gasoline-powered vehicles

Short-Term Exposure to Smog May Up Odds of Heart Attack

Large review looked at pollutants such as carbon monoxide and ozone

Smog May Harm Women's Brains: Study

The more air pollution they were exposed to, the greater their mental decline

Fewer Teens Exposed to Tobacco Smoke in Cars: Report

But researchers add that too many are still breathing in secondhand smoke while in vehicles

Smog Tied to Raised Risk of Chronic Illness in Black Women

Study showed more type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure as exposure rose

Buildup of Newer Flame Retardants Concerns Scientists

Chemicals increasing in atmosphere at surprising rate, researchers say

Expert Panel Pinpoints Environmental Culprits in Breast Cancer

Unneeded radiation, hormone therapy, alcohol raise risk but hair dye, cellphones appear safe, report says

9/11 First Responders May Face Greater Heart Risks

Exposure to toxic dust cloud might lead to hardening of the arteries, study suggests

Exposure to Toxic Solvents Linked to Parkinson's Disease

Lifetime jobs, hobbies involving these chemicals raised risk, study says

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Fall as Population Ages

The elderly may help curb trend because they will fly and drive less, scientists say

Studies Suggest Link Between Smog, Joint Disease

More rheumatoid arthritis in those exposed to certain air pollutants, researchers say

Health Tip: Feeling the Effects of Air Pollution

Here's how you may be affected

Globally, 2 Million Deaths a Year Linked to Smoky Stoves

People in developing nations most at risk from fumes from cooking, heating units, experts say

Environmental Toxins Linked to Hardening of Arteries

Certain pollutants, even if banned, can still linger and cause damage to major heart vessels, study says

Traffic-Related Pollution Tied to Raised Risk of Preemie Birth

Certain toxins may boost risk by up to 30%, California study finds

Japan Reactor Fallout Reached San Francisco Bay Area: Study

But, radioactivity level was very low, posed no health risk, researchers report

Traffic Pollution May Raise Short-Term Heart Attack Risk

Effect only lasts up to 6 hours, seems to affect mainly those already at risk, study suggests

Toxic After-Effects Still Haunt 9/11 Responders

Cancer links are seen among the many ills that have surfaced since the Twin Towers fell

Climate Change May Trigger More Asthma Emergencies

Some areas may see kids' ER visits jump 10%, researchers say

9/11 Responders, Workers Still Suffer an Excess of Illnesses

Studies found many had some kind of physical, mental health problem nine years later

Radiation From Japan Reached California Coast in Just Days

Level apparently harmless, but study provides insight into pollution's travel

Health Tip: Keep Air Healthy at Home

And help prevent breathing problems

Breathing Problems Strike Soldiers Returning From Iraq

Exposure to some unknown toxin in the air could be the cause, experts say

Stress May Worsen Lung Function in Kids Breathing Dirty Air

Traffic pollution combined with stressful home contribute to respiratory problems, study finds

Smoke From Wildfires in Southwest May Be Health Hazard

People with asthma, other respiratory ailments urged to stay inside, keep windows closed

Years of Air Pollution May Be Tied to Uncontrolled Asthma

Poorer disease control associated with levels of ozone, particulate matter, study finds

Lung Health of Police Responders From 9/11 Called 'Encouraging'

10 years later, 95% of officers show no extra decline in pulmonary function, study finds

City Pavement Affects Weather, Boosting Smog: Study

Urban development can alter wind patterns, causing buildup of pollutants, researchers say

Health Tip: What's Polluting My Indoor Air?

Here's a list of common culprits

Chemical in Smoke May Pose Health Risk

Isocyanic acid released from cooking fires, cigarettes, wildfires, researchers find

Shed Skin in Dust May Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Antioxidant in flakes of human skin helps lower ozone levels, researchers say

Treating Kids for Environmental Ills Costs U.S. $76B a Year

Left unchecked, pollution, chemicals, other toxins will continue to push health costs skyward, researchers say

Report: California Cities Have Worst Air Pollution in U.S.

But the country's 25 smoggiest cities have all improved since last year's review, researchers say

Emissions Trap Cuts Harmful Diesel Pollution

Filters could help prevent heart attacks and strokes, researchers say

Despite Radiation in Japan, Little Shift in Americans' Views on Nuke Power: Poll

Many respondents acknowledge health concerns, but believe plants can be made safer

Polluted Air Another Danger to U.S. Troops in Iraq

Study suggests it might cause long-term respiratory, cardiovascular problems

High Smog Levels Might Threaten Lung Transplant Success

Study found exposure doubled risk of rejection, death in patients

EPA Proposes Tougher Air Pollution Rules for Power Plants

Guidelines could prevent 120,000 cases of childhood asthma and thousands of deaths, heart attacks yearly, agency says

Report Spells Out Harms of Coal Power Plants

American Lung Association sounds call for cleanup in advance of EPA deadline