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Many Americans Breathing Cleaner Air: Report

But some cities continue to have dangerously high levels of ozone and soot

Many Parents Give Kids Cold Medicines When They Shouldn't, Survey Finds

They often miss fine print on the label warning against use in children younger than 4 years old

Popular Cinnamon Stunt Can Have Serious Lung Effects

Researchers warn that highly cited kids' 'challenge' can land them in the ER

Breathing Problem Sometimes Misdiagnosed in Athletes

Study finds vocal cord disorder can be confused with asthma

Monkey Research Gives Insights Into New SARS-Like Virus

Coronavirus strain has so far infected 17, killed 11 worldwide

Got Asthma? Odds Are You Have an Allergy Too

Study found many U.S. adults suffer from both

EPA Proposes Cleaner Fuel, Car Standards

Regulations will prevent thousands of early deaths, hospitalizations, agency says

Valley Fever Fungal Infection on Rise in Southwest

Flu-like symptoms can last weeks or months, CDC researchers say

Genes and Early Wheezing Tied to Childhood Asthma Risk

Common cold symptom increased odds for asthma in study

Breath Test Might Predict Obesity Risk

It works by measuring bacteria balance in the gut, researchers say

Inhaler Approved for Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Antibiotic device treats Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infections

Antibiotic Linked to Heart Problems in COPD Patients

Study looked at clarithromycin use for lung conditions, but didn't prove cause-and-effect

Expert Tips for Spring-Cleaning Your Bathroom

And 3 million good reasons to keep your toothbrush covered

Sinuses Near Nose Not Just 'Evolutionary Leftover'

New study finds they help give nose shape and get air to the lungs more quickly

Health Tip: Don't Breathe Outdoor Smoke

Steer clear to avoid breathing problems

Lung Transplant Hazard May Rise With Obese Recipients, Smoking Donors

Study found more 'primary graft dysfunction,' which is tied to higher death risk

Plastics Chemical BPA Tied to Higher Asthma Risk in Kids

While study did not show cause and effect, expert said it's best to avoid exposure

A Few Extra Pounds May Harm Lung Function in Black, Hispanic Kids

Differences in body fat distribution could boost asthma rates in some minorities, study says

Emerging SARS-Like Virus Well-Suited to Attack Humans: Study

But immunotherapy appears to tame it, research shows

Acupuncture May Help Ease Hay Fever

Study found patients who had treatment for 8 weeks fared better with symptoms

Lower Lung Function in Infancy Linked to Wheeze in Adulthood

Smoking also played key role in respiratory trouble for young adults, study found

Little-Known Respiratory Infection Sends Many Kids to Hospital

Discovered in 2001, human metapneumovirus is worse in very young, very old

When Trees Die Off, Human Health May Also Suffer

Study can't prove cause-and-effect, but supports link between people and the environment

Study: Lungs From Heavy Smokers OK for Transplant

But recipients need to know the source of the potential transplant, researchers say

Longtime Smokers Lose a Decade of Life

Large study of U.S. smokers found quitting by age 35 reduces effect most, but it's never too late

One in Six Cases of Adult Asthma May Be Linked to Workplace

People with jobs that exposed them to cleaning agents at greater risk, study says

Patient Education Helps Prevent Overuse of Antibiotics for Cough, Study Finds

Routine prescriptions for bronchitis could worsen resistance, researchers say

TB Drug Shortages Put U.S. Patients in Peril, Study Finds

Supply of many medications needed to fight drug-resistant disease is often intermittent at best

Inserting Breathing Tube May Not Be Best for Victims of Cardiac Arrest

Patients in large study seemed to do better when emergency workers used older ventilation method

Winter Holds Many Hazards for Seniors, Expert Warns

Preparation, caution can help keep elderly safe from injuries and illness related to season

Reductions in Wood-Burning Stoves Tied to Lower Death Rates

Australian study found air quality improved, especially boosting men's respiratory health

Some Kids Abusing Common Baking Ingredients

Trends such as swallowing dry cinnamon, stuffing marshmallows can cause choking emergencies

Asthma Linked to Increased Risk of Dangerous Lung Blockage

Odds of blood clot in lung artery increase along with severity of the respiratory disease, study finds

Shorter Hospital Stays Don't Compromise Care, Study Finds

Earlier discharge corresponds with lower readmission and death rates in VA hospitals

Combo Therapy May Help Ease Sleep Apnea at High Altitude

Adding a breathing med to regular routine may help travelers' sleep apnea, researchers say

Cleaner Air in U.S. Boosting Life Expectancy, Study Finds

Continuing to reduce fine particle air pollution prolongs survival, researchers say

Kids May Be at Slightly Higher Asthma Risk If Parents Had Infertility Treatments

Study found elevated odds in children born after in vitro fertilization, but the research didn't prove cause-and-effect

Ex-President George H.W. Bush Remains Hospitalized

88-year-old being treated for bronchitis and lingering cough

Former President George H.W. Bush to Stay in Hospital Through Weekend

88-year-old's bronchitis isn't life-threatening, doctors just playing it safe, staffer says

Former President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized With Bronchitis

88-year-old's condition doesn't appear life-threatening, staffer says

Health Tip: Treating Bronchitis

Suggestions to help you feel better

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazards Rise in Colder Weather

Heating devices such as fireplaces, furnaces, lanterns can emit deadly gas

15 Million in U.S. Have COPD, a Lung Disease

Prevalence of the chronic condition is highest in Kentucky, CDC says

Airport Smoking Areas Expose Travelers, Workers to Risk: CDC

Ventilating buildings and cleaning the air doesn't eliminate secondhand smoke exposure, study finds

Many Smokers Light Up With Kids in Car: Study

Smoke-free campaigns should target parent drivers, researchers say

Women's Respiratory Symptoms May Vary With Menstrual Cycle

For example, study found wheezing highest on days 10 to 22

COPD Deaths Highest in Rural, Poor Areas: CDC

Large urban areas had lowest mortality rate from the respiratory disorder

Women Who Quit Smoking May Gain Up to 10 Years of Life: Study

And the earlier they stopped smoking, the better the results

Harvest Season Can Be Hazardous for Farmers

ER doctor offers safety advice to avoid traumatic injuries, other health problems