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Scleroderma Complications Worse in Blacks Than Whites: Study

The autoimmune disease, which affects tissue throughout the body, can lead to scarred lungs

Older Lung Cancer Patients Less Likely to Be Treated

Researchers say doctors shouldn't be so quick to write off older people

Screening for Other Health Problems May Aid COPD Survival

Cancers, heart conditions, diabetes among the diseases that were linked to study patient deaths

Seniors Undertreated for Asthma, and Many Skip Inhalers: Study

Using meds as prescribed can improve health, quality of life, researcher says

Air Quality Improving in Many U.S. Cities: Report

Even Los Angeles showed lowest smog levels in more than a decade, data found

More Smog Might Mean More Hospitalizations

In New England, Medicare patients from more-polluted areas were more apt to need care

Climate Change Could Be Tough on Seniors' Health: Study

Wide temperature swings in summer could lead to 10,000 excess deaths in U.S. per year

Rapid Asthma Treatment in ER May Prevent Admission

Giving corticosteroids as soon as possible hastens recovery, study suggests

Improved Stem Cell Line May Avoid Tumor Risk: Study

New line of stem cells may have application for disease-modeling, researchers say

Reported Decline in U.S. Pneumonia Deaths May Be False: Study

Dips in hospitalizations, deaths may reflect diagnosis coding changes

Secondhand Smoke Affects Young Girls More Than Boys: Study

By age 7, lung function was six times worse for exposed girls than boys, research shows

FDA Calls on Tobacco Companies to List Harmful Ingredients

Manufacturers must also back up claims that certain products are 'safer' to smoke

Warm Weather Triggers Early Allergy Season

Sneezing isn't the only concern, with ticks and mosquitoes already active

States' Efforts to Boost Cigarette Taxes Slows: CDC

Agency says more can be done to raise the cost of smoking, which is known to boost quit rates

Should Cystic Fibrosis Patients Get So Many Antibiotics?

Study suggests that less-aggressive antibiotic therapy might be better

Common Respiratory Virus Affecting Many Young Children

No vaccine for RSV, but hand washing can help prevent spread, expert says

U.S. Tuberculosis Cases Hit Record Low, CDC Says

But minorities, those not born in the U.S. and HIV-positive patients still most likely affected

Antibiotics Useless for Most Sinus Infections, Experts Say

New guidelines from specialists note that up to 98 percent of cases aren't bacterial

Secondhand Smoke in Childhood Linked to Lung Disease Years Later

Study found it nearly doubled risk for breathing condition

Gas Engines May Be Dirtier Than Diesels in One Respect

Researchers trace most secondary aerosol pollution back to gasoline-powered vehicles

Cured Meat Products Linked to Lung Disease Flare-Ups

Nitrates in bacon, sausage, lunch meats might worsen airway disease symptoms, researchers say

Poor Lung Function Linked to Heart Failure in Study

Findings strengthen hypothesis that airway disorders affect heart's ability to pump blood

Home-Visit Program May Improve Child's Asthma

In-home instruction reduces hospitalizations, saves money, study finds

Chemical Used to Strip Bathtubs Linked to Worker Deaths: CDC

10 products containing methylene chloride associated with 13 fatalities in U.S. since 2000

Mild Winter Heralds Early Sneezin' Season

Tree pollen, accompanying allergies starting sooner in many areas this year

Study: No Significant Rise in Seizure Risk From Common Kids' Vaccine

Immunizations protect children from life-threatening diseases, experts say

Short-Term Exposure to Smog May Up Odds of Heart Attack

Large review looked at pollutants such as carbon monoxide and ozone

Home Oxygen Could Raise Burn Risk: Experts

Banning smoking and taking other safety precautions can prevent mishaps

Young Adults Who Quit Smoking Feel Better Quickly

Coughs begin to clear up within two weeks, study finds

C-Sections Might Put Preemies at Risk for Breathing Problems

Study found respiratory distress syndrome more likely in small, premature infants born by cesarean

Soft Drinks May Raise Odds for Respiratory Ills: Study

Asthma, COPD more likely for those who regularly consume soda, flavored mineral water, researchers say

Heartburn Meds Won't Help, May Harm Kids With Asthma

Acid-reducing drugs might boost respiratory infections in children without reflux, study finds

Certain Seniors at Risk for Infection After ER Visit: Study

Going to hospital may spur respiratory, gastro illnesses in long-term care residents

Anthrax Vaccine Shows Promise in Monkeys

Research is part of U.S. military's anti-bioterrorism efforts

Study Maps Path From Smoking to Emphysema in Mice

Immune response to smoke causes the disease, researchers say

Vitamin D Won't Help Most COPD Patients: Study

However, those with severe vitamin deficiency may see a benefit, researchers say

Children Born by C-Section at Slightly Higher Asthma Risk

Large Norwegian study found likelihood greater when mothers had no allergies

At More U.S. Workplaces, Smokers Need Not Apply

Experts weigh in as another large health care provider decides to hire nonsmokers only

Occasional Pot Smoking Won't Harm Lungs: Study

20-year study finds a few joints a month have no effect, but other experts differ

Mice Exposed to Smoke Helped by Blood Pressure Drug: Study

Research may hold hope for treating smoking-related lung diseases in humans

Study Offers Clues to Why Some Don't Benefit From Asthma Drugs

Almost half of those with mild to moderate symptoms may have different disease, study finds

Flu Prevention Critical for Those With Neurologic Conditions, CDC Says

Outbreak at Ohio residential facility resulted in 7 deaths last winter, report says

PTSD, Respiratory Problems May Be Linked in 9/11 Responders

Study found connection was stronger in nontraditional responders than police

As Gastric Banding Increases, So May Complications

Puzzling respiratory symptoms require investigation, researchers say

Higher Hospital Admissions Equal Higher Readmissions: Study

Quality of care after hospital discharge may not be the problem, researchers say

Low-Dose Aspirin After Lung Clot Could Prevent Recurrence

Study shows benefit for patients who've already finished with stronger blood thinners

Drug for Acute Respiratory Distress May Do More Harm Than Good: Study

Trial of salbutamol was discontinued after patients using it fared worse than those without it

Depression, Disability Can Follow ICU Care: Study

Meals, phone calls become too difficult for some patients, study finds

CDC Issues New TB Treatment Guidelines

They're aimed at shortening, simplifying the regimen used to prevent active disease

Many Ignore Symptoms of Lung Disease, Study Finds

Shortness of breath, chronic coughing could indicate COPD