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Everyday Exercise Can Help Kids With Cystic Fibrosis: Study

Taking walks, dancing, shooting hoops improved fitness, lung function in patients

Chemicals May Raise Health Risks for Nail Salon Workers

One-third report problems such as headaches and irritation of the nose, throat, skin, study finds

Flood Cleanup Requires Extra Care for Those With Allergies

Experts suggest steps to stem the growth of mold

Asthma Pills Work as Well as Inhaled Steroids: Study

However, treatment still needs to be individualized, experts say

Secondhand Smoke May Trigger Nicotine Craving

Could make it hard for smokers to quit, easy for nonsmokers to start, researchers say

Number of Americans With Asthma Keeps Rising

CDC report finds 12% hike in last decade, with black kids affected the most

Mom's Exposure to Plastics Chemical Tied to Baby's Wheeze

Higher BPA levels in pregnancy doubled likelihood of breathing problem at 6 months, study says

Higher Oxygen Levels Improve Preemie Survival: Study

But risks are involved, including eye damage, doctor notes

Smoke-Free Laws Moving Ahead in U.S.

Government report finds half the states have enacted restrictions in workplaces, bars and restaurants

Gene Variant May Be Linked to Deadly Lung Fibrosis

Discovery could open door to new treatments and genetic testing, experts say

Inhaled Meds May Save COPD/Pneumonia Patients' Lives

Corticosteroids cut death rates among older people with both respiratory diseases, study found

Emissions Trap Cuts Harmful Diesel Pollution

Filters could help prevent heart attacks and strokes, researchers say

Years Later, Victims of Critical Respiratory Illness Still Suffer

Finding suggests treatment in intensive care unit for ARDS could be improved

Polluted Air Another Danger to U.S. Troops in Iraq

Study suggests it might cause long-term respiratory, cardiovascular problems

Obesity Could Raise Risks of General Anesthesia

Serious airway complications 2 to 4 times more likely among heaviest patients, study finds

For Lung Disorder, Spiriva Beat Serevent in Head-to-Head Trial

It was better at controlling flare-ups in moderate-to-severe cases of COPD, study finds

High Smog Levels Might Threaten Lung Transplant Success

Study found exposure doubled risk of rejection, death in patients

Menthol Cigarettes Pose No Added Lung Cancer Risk: Study

But experts stress that choosing the minty smokes won't help you avoid deadly respiratory disease

Moms' Use of 'the Pill' Won't Raise Kids' Asthma Risk: Study

Research refutes claim that pre-pregnancy birth control causes respiratory problems in babies

Sleep Disorder May Spur Men to Head to Bathroom at Night

Treating sleep apnea in men with enlarged prostate might reduce trips to relieve themselves

Transplant Drug May Fight Rare Lung Disorder

Sirolimus offers first real hope for women with LAM, experts say

Updates Urged for Kids' Heart, Breathing Rate Guidelines

Existing range classifies half of healthy 10-year-olds as having abnormal rates, review finds

New Test for Emphysema on the Horizon

Simple blood test could enable detection before symptoms, experts say

Lesser Known Lung Diseases Can Strike Smokers, Ex-Smokers

Study found these reduced lung capacity, but also reduced chances of emphysema, COPD

Report Spells Out Harms of Coal Power Plants

American Lung Association sounds call for cleanup in advance of EPA deadline

For Severe Sinusitis, Oral Steroids an Option, Study Says

But experts note that the drugs, while beneficial, run the risk of side effects

Virus Unlikely to Advance Deadly Lung Disease: Study

Research contradicts previous finding that viral infections worsen idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Cigarette Smoke Fuels Mucus Production in People With Bronchitis

It suppresses protein that helps kill off excess mucus cells in the airways, study finds

COPD May Make Shingles More Likely

People taking corticosteroids for breathing disorder face highest risk, study finds

Higher Levels of Blood Protein Linked to Lower Respiratory Risks

Bilirubin may have a protective effect, researchers say

Early Birth Risky, Even With Fully Developed Lungs: Study

Delivery before 39 weeks linked to higher rates of respiratory and other health problems

Quality of Family Mealtimes May Affect Kids' Asthma

Keeping dinner conversation free from TV, disruptions linked to better health, study found

Better Nutrition Seems to Help Preemies With Lung Disease

Babies with above-average weight gain showed the most improvement, small study finds

Survey Shows Fewer Hispanic Seniors Getting Flu Shots

Vaccination rates found to be especially low among newest immigrants

Increasingly, Other Ailments Prove Fatal for People With COPD

Expert urges more awareness from doctors as patients' age increases

Commuters May Catch More Than the Bus, Tram

Study finds public transit passengers at risk of respiratory infection, but daily use more protective

HEPA Filter May Improve Air Near Wood-Burning Stoves

Indoor pollution and cardiovascular health risks lower when filter was in use, study finds

Sleep Study May Be Advisable Before Removing Tonsils, Adenoids

The point is to identify children likely to have post-op respiratory complications, study says

Study Questions Safety of Pneumonia Treatment Guidelines

In cases with suspected multi-drug resistance, multiple antibiotics may not always be best

Health Tip: Help Prevent COPD

What you can do to protect your lungs

Chronic Nasal Congestion May Be Linked to Severe Asthma

Swedish study suggests that the airway disease is more common than thought

Have an Allergy-Free Holiday and a Happier New Year

Doctor suggests ways to keep sneezing at bay during the festive season

New Method Might Raise Number of Donor Lungs

Experts predict that adopting procedure in U.S. could alleviate the shortage

Elderly Often Disabled After Mechanical Ventilation

Only 30 percent live a year and they are severely handicapped, study finds

U.S. Life Expectancy Drops Slightly

Deaths from stroke, infant mortality decline, federal report finds

Littlest Kids in Big Day-Care Centers May Have Better Health Later On

Once in elementary school, ear and respiratory infections are fewer, study finds

Retirement May Do a Mind Good

Study of French retirees found declines in levels of depression and fatigue

Tiniest Newborns With Down Syndrome Face Other Health Risks

Combination linked to higher rates of life-threatening heart, lung, digestive disorders, study finds