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Littlest Kids in Big Day-Care Centers May Have Better Health Later On

Once in elementary school, ear and respiratory infections are fewer, study finds

Retirement May Do a Mind Good

Study of French retirees found declines in levels of depression and fatigue

Tiniest Newborns With Down Syndrome Face Other Health Risks

Combination linked to higher rates of life-threatening heart, lung, digestive disorders, study finds

Smoking Still Allowed at 1 in 4 Major U.S. Airports

CDC researchers say designated 'smoking rooms' do not shield nonsmokers from fumes

Drug Targets Faulty Process That Drives Cystic Fibrosis

This medicine might help minority of patients with particular gene, but others like it could follow

Awareness of COPD Growing, But More Lung Testing Urged

U.S. survey found 69% now know about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

FDA Proposes Graphic Warnings on Cigarette Packs

Images would include emaciated lung cancer patients and a dead body in a morgue

Asthma Linked to Lung Cancer Risk in Study

But data insufficient to change current practice, expert says

Many Coaches Unprepared for Student-Athletes' Asthma

More education needed, experts say

Poor Diet May Make COPD Worse, Study Finds

Antioxidant deficiency tied to lower lung function, especially for men

Exercise May Help Beat the Common Cold

Each bout of aerobic actvity revs up the immune system, study authors suggest

Bitter Taste Receptors Found in Lungs May Aid Asthma Patients

Acrid compounds tested in mice and humans opened airways more profoundly than current drugs, researchers report

New Virus 'Jumps' From Monkey to Scientist, Causing Serious Illness

Adenovirus strain is under study but experts say there's no immediate cause for alarm

Prior Hospitalization With Pneumonia Often Tied to Later Misdiagnosis

This results in overuse of antibiotics and increased health care costs, researchers say

Air Pollution Ups Risk of Chronic Lung Disease: Study

Danish researchers find that low levels contribute to odds of developing severe COPD

Too Few Adults Vaccinated Against Whooping Cough: CDC

Those who skip Tdap shot put unvaccinated babies at risk for potentially deadly infection, experts say

Rescued Chilean Miners in Good Health

'I think I had extraordinary luck. I was with God and with the devil. And I reached out for God,' one miner said

Gulf War Nerve Agent Tied to Late-Onset Heart Damage in Mice

Signs appeared 10 weeks after exposure to low-dose sarin, researchers found

Rescued Chilean Miners Seem in Good Shape: Reports

Psychological problems may overshadow physical ones, experts say

Antibiotics for Viral Respiratory Infections in Hospital Decried

Researchers found docs prescribing them with some frequency

Health Tip: When Wildfires Are Near

Suggestions to avoid smoke inhalation

Early Trial Suggests COPD Drug Might Help Some Asthmatics

Adding Spiriva to steroid seems to work, but more study is needed, experts say

Room Air Sometimes as Good as Oxygen Therapy: Study

Comparison found no significant difference in breathlessness levels among terminally ill

Experimental TB Test Called Fast and Accurate

Health experts say it has potential to greatly improve treatment of the respiratory disease

Lung Damage From Secondhand Smoke Observed in Rats

Findings may aid efforts to develop new ways to treat respiratory diseases in people, researchers say

Health Tip: Recognizing COPD

Possible symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

2002 Oil Spill May Shed Light on Health Problems for Deepwater Workers

But expert notes several key differences in two spills

Study Finds Even a Little Cigarette Smoke Harms Airway

Just a few puffs trigger genetic changes in cells that could spur disease, experts say

Early Care Urged for Patients With Trouble Swallowing

'Dysphagia' significantly impacts hospital resources and patient outcomes, researchers say

Inhaling Ultra-Fine Particles May Raise Firefighters' Heart Risks

More consistent use of protective gear recommended by researchers

Lithium of No Benefit in ALS, Study Finds

Two doses tested did not help patients with Lou Gehrig's disease, researchers say

Wider Waist May Raise Death Risk Later in Life

Study suggests it increases chances of heart trouble, cancer, respiratory disease, independent of weight

Specific Type of Blood Clot Filter Linked to Complications

Bard Recovery and Bard G2 filters may fracture with time; doctor, patient awareness urged, report states

Menstrual Cycle May Affect Reaction to Breathing Tube

In women, response to ventilation tube insertion may vary depending on surgery timing, study finds

Clean Water May Still Pose Health Risk for Swimmers

Microbes at sub-tropical beaches can cause stomach, respiratory problems, study finds

Delivering Babies Even a Few Weeks Early Ups Respiratory Risks

Study finds greatly raised odds, but rates of planned, preterm C-sections remain high, experts note

Generic Lovenox Approved for Deep Vein Thrombosis

A condition that could cause deadly blood clots

Schizophrenia Linked to Raised Risk of Injury While Hospitalized

Expert says docs may not take physical complaints seriously because of patient's mental illness

Nitric Oxide Doesn't Seem to Help Preemies' Lungs: Report

Jury still out on whether the treatment works in some infants, another doctor says

Avastin Largely Safe for Patients With Type of Advanced Lung Cancer

Post-marketing research shows some serious side effects, but most are controllable

Traffic Pollution Linked to Risk Factor for Sudden Cardiac Death

High exposures tied to reduced heart rate variability in those with lung, heart disease, researchers find

Cystic Fibrosis Flare-Ups May Be Treated Equally Well at Home

Study finds no difference in outcome for lung exacerbations compared to hospital care

Ancestry May Affect Lung Function Tests

Adjusting for genetic history would improve results for asthma, COPD, study suggests

End-of-Life Care Has 'Room for Improvement'

Researchers urge hospitals to provide more evaluation, communication for dying patients

'Rotten Eggs' Gas Might Cut Inflammation in Ventilated Patients

In mouse study, low doses of hydrogen sulfide reduced organ damage, study found

Diabetes Seems to Up Risks for Lung Disease Patients

Longer hospital stays, more deaths noted in those with COPD plus high blood sugar

Scientists Fashion New Lung for Rats

Feat might one day help those with lung diseases, researchers say

Mold May Trigger Severe Asthma in Some Folks

Certain gene variants appear to increase risk of serious exacerbations, study finds

Experts Try to Gauge Health Effects of Gulf Oil Spill

Some are known, others will unfold as years go on, government advisors say