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Researchers ID Suite of Genes in Aging Process

Biomarkers could provide scientific baseline for anti-aging drug trials, study says

Younger Men Fare Best After Hip Joint Resurfacing

The new procedure is an alternative to hip replacement, but complications occur, experts say

Flu Shots Lower Risk of Blood Clots

Study found getting one reduced chances by 26%

Grandparent Caregivers Cut Kids' Injury Risk in Half

Findings challenge widespread belief that older sitters raise likelihood of harm

Vitamin B12 Key to Aging Brain

Deficiency led to more brain shrinkage, study shows

Centenarians Offer Long-Life Secrets

Many 100-year-olds embrace modern technology to stay young, survey finds

Sleep Needs May Decline With Age

Study suggests what some think is insomnia is really natural part of getting older

Father's Age a Factor in Infertility

Being over 35 meant lower pregnancy rates, higher chances of miscarriage for couple, study finds

Low Vitamin D Tied to Depression in Older Adults

Poor levels also cause increase in serum parathyroid hormone readings, study says

Higher Wealth Linked to Lower Risk of Early Stroke

Money makes less of a difference after 65, study finds

Seniors No Strangers to Happiness

Older Americans are quite satisfied, while Baby Boomers are the least content, survey shows

Common Medications May Harm Memory in Older People

Those on anticholinergic drugs had sharper declines in thinking skills, study finds

Doctor-Patient Talks Affect Use of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Disparity in practice linked to race, age and socioeconomic status, study finds

Aerobic Exercise Keeps You Young

British study found it shaved 10 to 12 years off biological age

Painkillers Boost Muscle Mass Among Weight-Training Elderly

Daily dose of ibuprofen, acetaminophen upped growth by 40% to 60%, study found

Yoga Program May Help Prevent Falls in Elderly

9-week course for women over 65 showed increased flexibility, balance and stance

Study Finds Older Corneas Suitable for Transplantation

Tissue from people up to 75 had similar survival rates to that from younger donors

Sharp Rise in U.S. Hepatitis C-Related Deaths

Middle-aged hardest hit; better testing likely contributed to increase

Memory Loss in Hyperactive State With Alzheimer's

Study suggests brains of patients get stuck in memory-deletion mode

More Elderly Americans Living With Heart Failure

Incidence has declined, but survival gains place burden on Medicare, analysis finds

Earlier Colon Cancer Screens Urged for Smokers

Study finds tobacco users diagnosed almost 7 years earlier than nonsmokers

Older Smokers More Likely to Deny Habit

Findings challenge validity of self-reported tobacco use in research, care

Disability Stronger Predictor of Longevity Than Disease Is

Centenarian study also found men who lived past 100 were healthier than female peers

Middle Age a Low Point for Most

Study found age 44 marked the peak of depression for people around the globe

Sedentary Lifestyle Accelerates Aging

Active people biologically younger than couch potato set, British study suggests

Combo Treatment Best for Elderly Lymphoma Patients

Adding monoclonal antibody to chemo lowered toxicity, lengthened survival

Dementia Diagnosis Typically Means Death Within Five Years

British study does show age, sex, existing disability can alter timetable

School Social Standing Linked to Teen Girls' Weight Gain

Those who self-reported low esteem most likely to add pounds over 2-year span, study finds

Good Physical Function Halves Stroke Risk

Researchers find pronounced effect in those over 40

Love in the World of Alzheimer's

New relationships for those with little memory leave spouses, children facing their own altered reality, experts say

High Blood Pressure Linked to Disability, Dementia

Controlling hypertension might stave off problems of aging, studies suggest

Farming, Fatherhood Hallmarks of Men Who Live to 100

Study finds men with more than 3 kids are more likely reach the milestone

Fish, Fruits, Veggies May Cut Dementia Risk

Regular consumption of these foods lowered odds up to 60%, study found

Older Adults No More Distractible Than Younger Set

Brain's ability to engage multisensory attention remains intact, study says

Severe Urinary Problems Boost Death Risk in Older Men

Those over 45 face an almost 24-fold increase in mortality, study says

Seniors Need a Safety Plan in Face of Disasters

Medicines, contacts just part of emergency package necessary for survival, group says

Hip Protectors Won't Prevent Fractures in Elderly

Nursing home residents not helped by cushioning devices, study finds

Gene Variant Can Double Risk of AMD

Finding could one day lead to new treatments for degenerative eye condition

Patients With Early Parkinson's Exhibit Sleepiness, Hallucinations

Gender, age, overall health key factors identifying those at risk, study finds

Asthma Uncontrolled in 55% of Cases: Survey

More education is needed to keep attacks at bay, researchers say

Vitamin A Lotion May Be Wrinkle-Fighter

Skin-building compounds enhanced by retinol use in weekly treatments, study says

Dieting Usually Healthy for Older Adults: Study

Physical function is unaffected by typical weight loss, researchers say

Diesel Exhaust Impairs Blood Flow to Marrow

Elderly most affected by exposure to the pollutant, researchers say

Intimate Partner Abuse Affects Broad Spectrum of Ages

Study finds 4% of women aged 65 and older reported mistreatment within past 5 years

Looking for a Longer Life? Win a Nobel Prize

Study finds laureates gain almost 2 years time, not to mention the lofty social status

Anesthetic Linked to Alzheimer's Risk

Researchers found evidence of neuron death and beta-amyloid plaques after use of isoflurane

Treatment Beats Watchful Waiting for Older Prostate Cancer Patients

Death rate was 31 percent lower in group that got surgery or radiation, study says

Vision Problems Among Those Over 40 Costly

Report finds U.S. price tag tops $35 billion a year

Diverticulitis Showing Up in Young, Obese Adults

An illness typical in patients over 50 is now being seen in those in their 20s, experts say

Few Studies Done on Preventing Bed Sores

Canadian report finds meager treatment evaluations for common ailment costing billions