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Hospital Bills Can Vary Widely, Even in Same Cities

New U.S. initiative designed to bring more transparency to cost of health care

Prostate Cancer May Be Deadlier for the Uninsured

Study found they were more likely to have a higher PSA test score, advanced disease and shorter survival

Companies to Donate Prosthetic Legs to Boston Bombing Victims in Need

Even if patients lack insurance to cover costs, prosthetic makers' coalition vows to help them walk again

Alzheimer's Patients May Face Looming Shortage of Neurologists

Medicare payment system undervalues one-on-one evaluations by these specialists, experts say

Are Pricey Computer-Aided Mammograms Worth It?

Early breast cancer found more often in large study, but not more cases of invasive disease

Few U.S. Seniors Take Advantage of Shingles Vaccine

Large study found shot effective but only 4 percent of older adults receive it

Cancer Patients May Be Unintended Victims of Budget Cuts

Clinics nationwide say they can't afford to give as much chemotherapy as before, report says

U.S. Spends More on Dementia Care Than Heart Disease or Cancer: Study

Annual bill now tops $200 billion, largely for long-term care, researchers say

Black Men Often Face Delays in Prostate Cancer Care: Study

Finding is more evidence of gap in quality of care for the disease, researcher says

A Third of U.S. Seniors Die With Dementia, Study Finds

Report tallies enormous medical, financial and caregiver toll of conditions like Alzheimer's

Medicare Spending Not Linked to Longer Cancer Survival

But U.S. patients in higher-spending regions have more, longer hospital stays

Shift to Hospice Care Often Comes Too Late, Study Finds

Almost a third of patients didn't get palliative care until final three days of life, often after ICU stay

Hospital Readmissions All Too Common, U.S. Studies Find

It's a complex, system-wide problem, expert says

High Medical Bills Driving Some Americans to Extreme Measures

In study, stories of credit card debt and cutting back on food and heating were common, even for the insured

U.S. Efforts to Boost Number of Primary Care Doctors Have Failed

New physicians still choosing specialties despite government efforts, billions invested in training

Costly Breast Cancer Screenings May Not Help Seniors: Study

To determine benefit, more older women should be included in clinical trials, expert says

Better Work Environment May Cut Hospital Readmission Rates

Cost of hiring more nurses could be offset by improved patient outcomes, researcher says

House Joins Senate to OK Bill That Avoids Fiscal Cliff

Failure to reach agreement could have had significant impact on health care in U.S.

House Joins Senate to OK Bill to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

Failure to reach agreement could have had significant impact on health care in U.S.

Senate Votes to Avoid Fiscal Cliff, House Decision Expected Tuesday

Failure to reach agreement could have significant impact on health care in U.S.

Congress Nears Deal on 'Fiscal Cliff,' Obama Says

Failure to reach agreement could have significant impact on health care in U.S.

Health Reform May Still Face Partisan Resistance: Report

Voters who supported Romney are more likely to oppose Affordable Care Act implementation

Costly, Repeat Medical Testing Common for Medicare Patients: Study

Whether these follow-up procedures are needed is up for debate, experts say

Using Canada's Health System as Model Might Cut U.S. Costs: Study

But Canadian cost-control measures won't translate to U.S., expert says

Targeted Radiation for Breast Cancer May Cause More Complications

Study found brachytherapy had higher rates of wound, skin problems than whole-breast treatment in older women

Medicare Open Enrollment Starts Monday

Officials say there are more highly rated health plans to choose from in 2013

Many Seniors Overpaying for Medicare Drug Plans: Study

More information about cheaper options could save beneficiaries hundreds of dollars a year

State Regulations Tied to Drop in Common Heart Procedure

Critics worry that the push for good outcomes may reduce access to care for sickest patients

Doctors Speak Out on Health Care Waste in U.S.

Unneeded screening, unproven technology among culprits driving costs up by billions, report says

Use of Medicare Skilled Nursing Benefit Is High at End of Life: Study

Financial concerns may deter many from using hospice provision, researchers say

Aging Population Poses Long-Term Challenges to U.S. Economy

Report says significant changes needed to keep Medicare, Social Security healthy

Medicare Gaps Leave Many With Big Bill at End of Life, Study Finds

Health care spending in the final 5 years exceeds total household assets for one in four seniors

Doctors Tend to Share Patients With Similar Colleagues

Large study also found doctors' patients share characteristics such as age, race and health conditions

Medicare Beats Private Plans for Patient Satisfaction: Survey

People with individual or employer health plans paid more out of pocket, had worse access to care

Medicare Coverage Gap May Cause Seniors to Forgo Antidepressants

Study also found less use of heart failure, diabetes drugs as out-of-pocket costs rose

Supreme Court Ruling Sets Stage for Full Rollout of Health-Care Reform Law

As various provisions are implemented, more than 30 million uninsured will get coverage

Many Lacked Preventive Care Before Health Reform Law: U.S. Report

Only about half of American adults got screenings, medications to ward off disease

Fewer Medicare Patients Being 'Admitted' to Hospitals: Study

They are instead being 'held for observation,' which may increase their out-of-pocket expenses

Fitness in Middle Age Lowers Medical Costs Later: Study

Results suggest preventive efforts focusing on lifestyle choices are well aimed

Wheelchair Breakdowns on the Rise, Study Finds

More than half of spinal cord injury patients surveyed had equipment problems within 6 months

Psychiatric Patients Often Wait Nearly 12 Hours in ER

Older, uninsured and intoxicated patients wait even longer, study finds

Americans Support Medicare Reform, But Not on Their Dime: Poll

Respondents to Harris Interactive/HealthDay survey want drug companies, higher-income beneficiaries to pay more

Seniors Stop Taking Heart Drugs In Medicare 'Donut Hole'

Once coverage stops, they don't seek cheaper alternatives, study finds

Avastin No Benefit to Older Lung Cancer Patients: Study

Adding drug to chemotherapy regimen does not prolong life for those with advanced disease, experts say

Changes in Insurance Make ER Visits More Likely: Study

Researchers note that coming health-care reforms may lead to surge in emergency department use

Pay-for-Performance Hospitals Don't Offer Better Care: Study

Mortality rates the same in hospitals that don't offer bonuses for improved care

Analysts Differ on Role of 'Individual Mandate' to Health-Reform Law

Without directive to purchase insurance, costs to consumers, government would rise, all agree

Analysts Debate Importance of the 'Individual Mandate' to Health-Reform Law

Without directive to purchase insurance, costs to consumers, government would rise, all agree

Health Insurance Premiums Will Surpass Median Household Income in 2033: Study

Experts say what kind of care should be covered, not who pays for it, is the real issue

Alzheimer's, Dementia Care to Cost U.S. $200 Billion This Year

Alzheimer's Association projects continued increases in payments as baby boomers age