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Post-Stroke Speech Problems Inflate Cost of Treatment

Language impairment adds $1,700 in first year, study says

Even With Insurance, Unemployed Have Worse Health Outcomes

Report finds that high co-pays, deductibles can still make medical care unaffordable

U.S. Work-Related Injuries, Illnesses Take Toll on the Till

Costs related to occupational health reach $250 billion annually, researcher says

Covering Gym Fees Might Be Money Saver for Medicare

Medicare Advantage plans that do so lure healthier members, study suggests

Growth in U.S. Health Spending Stayed Slow in 2010

3.9 percent rise similar to 2009 figure, study finds

Health Care Reform Battle Tops Health News for 2011

Debates over cellphone safety, cigarette-pack images also grabbed headlines

Few Women Get Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy: Study

Older women, blacks, rural residents less likely to get procedure done immediately

Low-Income Seniors at Greater Risk for Heart Failure

These Medicare recipients may not be able to afford out-of-pocket medical expenses, researchers say

Seniors Choose Medicare Prescription Plans Wisely: Study

Despite the complexity, older Americans figure out which plan is the least costly to them

Medicare Part B Premium Increase Lower Than Expected

Officials say it's offset by rise in cost-of-living adjustment in Social Security for seniors

Fewer Patients Hospitalized for Heart Failure, U.S. Study Finds

Number of cases is down, but there are still too many, expert says

Many Medicare Patients Get Surgeries in Last Year of Life: Study

Wide variations seen in number of procedures, depending on region where patient lives

More Evidence Minorities in U.S. Get Poorer Hospital Care

Elderly black and Hispanic patients over-represented in nation's 'worst' hospitals, study finds

Hospital Readmission Rates on the Rise in Older Adults: Study

1 in 6 Medicare patients ends up back in hospital within a month after discharge, report shows

End-Stage Alzheimer's Patients Often Hospitalized Unnecessarily

About 20 percent face potentially avoidable, 'burdensome transitions' at end of life, study finds

End-of-Life Directives Do Not Hasten Death, Study Finds

Patients aren't more likely to die if they talk about end-of-life care

Heart Failure Care Influenced by Insurance Coverage

Study found those on Medicaid, Medicare fared worse than those with private insurance

Enrollment Period for Medicare Starts Early This Year

Premiums for Medicare Advantage program will fall as enrollment rises, officials add

No Increase in Medicare Drug Premiums in 2012

HHS officials credit savings on new health care reform law, but critics aren't impressed

More Families Turning to Public Plans for Children's Health Care

Lost jobs, expanded access to government-sponsored coverage is spurring the trend, researchers say

U.S. to Pay Bigger Share of Rising Cost of Health Care

Report finds expenditure reaching $4.6 trillion by 2020, and taxpayers will pay for nearly half

Computer-Aided Mammography Doesn't Improve Breast Cancer Detection: Study

But imaging software makes it more likely women will need more testing, researchers say

Study Finds Savings From Medicare's Drug Plan Extend Beyond Cost of Meds

Those using Part D had lower hospital, nursing home bills, too

Millions of Americans Lack Access to Dental Care: Report

Too few dentists in certain regions, lack of insurance coverage are key factors cited

Avastin Rejection Supported by Cancer Experts

Drug's value as metastatic breast cancer treatment still unclear, they say

Medicare Will Pay for Prostate Cancer Drug

Provenge, a therapeutic vaccine, extends survival; it costs $93,000 per individual

Pain Costs U.S. $635 Billion a Year: Report

Cultural shift needed in approach to prevention, treatment, researchers say

Most Medicare Patients With Cancer Get Good Surgical Care: Study

Nine out of 10 hospitals stuck to best-practices guidelines, researchers say

Many Using Free Preventive Screenings Tied to Health Care Reform

Medicare heads say offering the tests free will save money long term, but critics disagree

Poll Finds Little Support for GOP Plan to Privatize Medicare

Respondents to Harris Interactive/HealthDay survey suggest lowering fees paid to drug companies, hospitals and doctors

More Primary Care Docs in a Community Equals Healthier Seniors

Study found fewer preventable hospitalizations among Medicare beneficiaries

End-of-Life Care Differs Between U.S., Canada, Study Finds

Researchers say data comparison could help guide improvements in care

Almost 30% of Urban ERs Closed During Past Two Decades: Study

Patients can expect longer waits, overcrowding at remaining facilities

Fewer Medicare Patients Hospitalized for Heart Trouble

10-year review suggests efforts to combat cardiac problems may be paying off

Race Seems to Play Role in Colorectal Cancer Screening

Despite expanded Medicare coverage, whites still tested more than blacks, Hispanics, study finds

Payment Rates May Affect Breast Cancer Treatment

Study reports variation in use of expensive therapy by region and Medicare coverage

Shorter Hospital Stays, More Readmissions After Hip Replacements

Many patients also discharged to skilled nursing facilities, long-term analysis of Medicare data shows

Medicare's Drug Coverage Gap to Shrink Away Under Health Care Reform

Experts say changes kick in this year, with the 'donut hole' disappearing by 2020

As Health Care Reform Turns 1, Backers and Detractors Dig In

But many agree the provision requiring insurance for all is a tough pill to swallow

Whether Chronic Diseases Are Diagnosed May Depend on Where You Live

Regions with most diagnoses had lower fatality rates, but why is unclear, researchers say

Hospital Safety Varies Widely Nationwide: Report

Where patients go for treatment can mean the difference between life and death, researchers say

U.S. Nursing Home Closings Hit Poor Neighborhoods Hardest: Study

Researchers find 5 percent drop overall in available beds over past decade

People Dropping 'Medicare Advantage' Urged to Analyze Options

Those unhappy with private plans have until mid-February to change

First Physical With Medicare Now Free

Health reform law makes benefit part of effort to expand preventive services

Medicare Makes Way for Baby Boomers

Big, demanding generation expected to strain health-care resources

U.S. Health Care Reform Tops Health News for 2010

Food safety reform and the flu epidemic that fizzled also made headlines this year

Health Risks Rise for Medicare Patients in Year After Stroke

Two-thirds return to hospital or die, emphasizing need for better after-care, experts say

On Health Policies, U.S. Lags Other Nations: Survey

Access, costs are better managed in other countries, report finds

Medicare Panel Endorses Vaccine for Prostate Cancer Patients

Provenge extends survival by about four months on average, costs $93,000 per individual

Hospital Care Deadly for Some, U.S. Study Finds

About 15,000 Medicare patients die a month because of adverse events, researchers say