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Medicare Part D Changes Not Overwhelming, Experts Say

Fewer plans to choose from, slightly higher monthly premiums are main differences

Pricey Drugs May Not Mean Better Care

Study finds wide variations in drug spending, risky prescriptions for Medicare patients

Use of Prostate Cancer Treatment Fell When Medicare Paid Docs Less

Financial incentives influence treatment rates, study finds

Web Site for Hospital Comparisons Is Faulty: Study

Data is insufficient for identifying high-quality surgical facilities, researchers say

Insurance, Race and Poverty Affect Cancer Care, Researchers Report

Differences in diagnosis and survival noted in three studies for cancer meeting

Leaving Hospice Prematurely May Hike Health Expenses

ER visits, hospitalizations, home care increase the tally almost five-fold, study finds

Health Care Reform Helps Small Businesses Offer Coverage: Report

Tax credits, new options will leave more employees insured, Commonwealth Fund study says

More Medicaid Patients Using ERs, Study Finds

Increased volume adds to wait time, researchers find

More Seniors Getting Antibiotics With Improved Medicare Drug Coverage

Study found trend followed start of Part D plan

Certified Nurse Anesthetists Can Safely Go Solo, Study Suggests

No higher risk of death, complications when they worked unsupervised, research found

High Readmission Rates May Not Mean Worse Hospital Care

Medicare plans to use data on returning patients as quality measure, but study questions validity

Medicare Cuts May Have Led Docs to Prescribe More Chemo

Treatment rates and use of costlier drugs increased after new rules took effect, study finds

Medicare Drug Spending Varies Widely Across U.S.

Patients in some areas spend nearly double without lowering other medical costs, researchers find

1 in 4 Patients Undergoes Revolving-Door Hospitalizations

Improving outpatient care could cut down on multiple readmissions, study authors suggest

Alzheimer's Costs Could Explode by Mid-Century

Report anticipates U.S. bill of $20 trillion over next 40 years

U.S. Cancer Costs Double in Two Decades

Study also finds that private insurance pays greater share today

Canadians Leading Longer, Healthier Lives Than Americans

U.S. study points to lack of universal health care, economic equality as reasons why

Imaging Costs Soar for Medicare Cancer Patients

Whether more scans are wasteful or improve outcomes isn't known, experts say

Women, Diabetics Fall Fast Into Medicare 'Doughnut Hole'

Dementia patients are also at high risk for coverage gap, study finds

Poll Finds Americans Blame Insurers, Drug Companies for Rising Health Costs

But the real drivers are higher fees, increased utilization and more sophisticated and costly medical technologies, some experts say

Medical Scans Used Most in Atlanta, Least in Seattle

Study finds wide variation in MRI, CT uptake depending on region

House of Representatives Approves Health-Care Reform Bill

$940 billion overhaul would give 32 million more Americans access to health insurance; Obama signature expected in day or so

House Democrats Approve Health-Care Reform Bill

$940 billion overhaul would give 32 million more Americans access to health insurance

Showdown Over Health-Care Reform Bill Nears

$940 billion overhaul would give 31 million more Americans access to health insurance

Rising Drug Prices Slam Some Medicare Recipients

Folks with Plan D coverage gap may face high monthly expenses, study finds

Are New Chemo Treatments Cost-Effective?

Drug advances extend lives, but one study puts cost per life-year gained at about $66,200

Health Reform Summit Seems to Be Falling Short of Goal

Experts, politicians split on whether significant changes will be passed anytime soon

More Expensive Hospital Care May Not Mean Better

Analysis found costs and quality of hospitalization varied nationally

Medicare Cost-Saving Moves Can Backfire

Upping payments for bladder biopsies done in doctor's office boosted overall spending, study found

Government to Pay for More Than Half of U.S. Health Care Costs

Recession is driving laid-off Americans from private to public plans, report notes

Raising Co-Pays for Doctor Visits Raises Seniors' Hospital Use

Study suggests higher cost-sharing for outpatient visits may increase overall spending

Senate Upset Foils Democrats' Health Reform Agenda

Future direction of Obama's top domestic priority remains unclear

Diabetes Meds May Be Falling Through 'Doughnut Hole'

Medicare payment gap prompts some to forego medication, study finds

U.S. Spending on Health Care Slowed in 2008

National cost still reached $2.3 trillion, government report shows

Senate Passes Health Reform Package

Next step is compromise with House plan, before proposal can become law

Health Reform Package Continues to Advance

Some experts support the Senate bill, which could be approved by Christmas, but others have misgivings

Health Reform: What's in It for You?

Here's how the House and Senate bills stack up

Medicare Part D: What to Expect This Open Enrollment Period

Plans are boosting premiums, adding deductibles and offering little gap coverage

The Revolving Door of Heart Failure Hospitalization

Better coordination urged to stem re-admission rate of nearly 1 in 4 people

Pay Less for Prescription Drugs

Check out pharmacy, clinic and government programs, expert says

Health Care Varies From State to State

Where you live really does make a difference, report finds

U.S. Health Costs Will Continue to Cause Financial Pain

Medical services expected to take up more of the American economy in the future, experts say

Hospitals Reduce Heart Attack Deaths

Study shows 10-year effort, major medical advances improved survival

Expanding Health Coverage May Not Improve Access

Innovations in financing, delivery of care are needed to close gaps, experts say

ER Visits Mostly by Medicare, Medicaid Recipients

But government study also shows uninsured accounted for almost 1 out of 5 ER patients

Medicare Drug Plan Still Needs Work

More are covered, but gaps in coverage and other problems persist, analysis shows

With Medicare Plan, Drug Spending May Be Up

Researchers suspect overuse as a cause, but note that other costs are down

Even After Death, Heart Attack Treatment May Not End

Too often, EMS crews feel obliged to bring unresponsive patient to hospital, study finds

Knee Replacement Considered a Good Value

Study finds it appears cost-effective for those with severe arthritis

Data Overload May Complicate Insurance Choices

Trouble picking plans could be most troublesome for seniors, study finds