Health Tip: Is It Time to Stop Driving?

Signs that it may be time for an older driver to quit

(HealthDay News) -- As cognitive function, coordination, eyesight and other skills decline in old age, it may be time for an elderly person to quit driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mentions these warning signs that seniors may no longer be able to drive safely:

  • Becoming lost when taking a familiar route.
  • Appearance of new scratches and dents on the car.
  • Getting ticketed for a driving violation.
  • Getting into a car accident, or having a near-miss.
  • Receiving a recommendation from a doctor to stop or reduce driving, having health problems that impact driving, or taking medications that affect driving.
  • Finding that road signs and road markings are suddenly overwhelming.
  • Driving too fast or too slowly for no apparent reason.
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