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Health Tip: Warning Signs of Dementia

It's more than just memory loss

(HealthDay News) -- Dementia is more than just ordinary forgetfulness or inability to remember. It can also affect a person's personality, communication skills, and even mood.

Here are common symptoms of dementia, courtesy of the American Academy of Family Physicians:

  • Recent memory loss, not just forgetfulness.
  • Problems remembering how to do everyday tasks.
  • Forgetting words or appropriate grammar.
  • Poor judgment, such as forgetting to wear a coat in cold weather.
  • Getting lost, or not remembering how to get home.
  • Difficulty understanding abstract concepts, like math.
  • Moodiness, drastic changes in personality, or sudden loss of interest in activities.

Not every person with dementia has all of these symptoms, the academy says.

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