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Health Tip: When it Comes to a Cane

Be sure to find the right fit

(HealthDayNews) -- If age or an injury means you need to use a cane, make sure you choose one that suits your height and frame.

Take heed of these tips from the Calgary Health Region:

  • Stand up straight with shoulders relaxed.
  • Put the cane in the opposite hand from the weaker leg.
  • Put the cane about four inches to the side of your stronger leg. Distribute your weight evenly between your feet and your cane.
  • The hand holding the cane should rest so the elbow is slightly bent. The handgrip should be at wrist level when your arm is hanging by your side.
  • If you're using an adjustable cane, push in the button and slide the tubing in and out to reach the positions described above.
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