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Poverty Raises Mortality Risk With Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Getting chemotherapy did improve chances of survival, study found

Delicate Debate Urged Over Withdrawal of Life Support

Gradual steps may benefit families but not the patient, and doctors need to communicate that more, study suggests

Travel Was as Dangerous 500 Years Ago as Today: Study

Changing modes of transport have had little effect on unintentional injuries

U.S. Ranks 29th in Infant Mortality

Rate is 50% higher than national goal, CDC says

Smoking Makes You Old Before Your Time

It even affects quality of life in those who quit, Finnish study reports.

Death Rate 70% Lower at Top U.S. Hospitals

If all centers performed as well, over 237,000 lives might have been saved, survey finds

Older Diabetics With Depression Face Higher Death Rate

Study suggests poor self-care partly to blame

Racial Disparities Exist in Head and Neck Cancer Outcomes

Blacks, the poor diagnosed at younger age, with more advanced disease, study says

Drug Sorafenib Improves Kidney Cancer Outcomes

It helped older and younger patients, study says

Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law May Overlook Depressed Patients

Study finds 1 in 4 terminally ill not getting treatment that could influence decision

Patients Benefit From End-of-Life Discussions With a Doctor

Less likely to feel distress, more likely to enjoy better quality of life, study finds

Pneumonia Vaccine Lowers Chances of Heart Attack

50% reduction in risk seen 2 years later in Canadian study

Extended Work Absences May Signal Risk of Death

Problems tied to surgery or circulatory or psychiatric troubles a red flag, study suggests

National Scorecard Ranks Palliative Care Across Country

Availability varies widely, and South comes out worst, researchers say

Hard Decisions for the Littlest Lives

Study finds poor communication between doctors, parents of gravely ill newborns

Beta Blockers May Cut Mortality in COPD Patients After Surgery

Preoperative use was well-tolerated without adverse respiratory effects, study finds

Seniors in Poor Areas More Likely to Die After Surgery

Study raises questions about disparities in outcomes, but offers no concrete answers

For Some Doctors, Empathy Is in Short Supply

Study finds they miss patients' cues about fears of well-being, even death

Survival Rate Little Changed With Aortic Valve Disorder

Young adults with the common congenital heart defect don't have worse outcomes, study says

Bacterial Infections May Be Overlooked in SIDS Cases

Toxins could cause 'chemical storm' in infants resulting in death, research suggests

Survival Rates Improve for Kids With Blood Cancers

Advancements in treatment likely behind continued upswing, study concludes

Once-Weekly Diabetes Drug Boosts Blood Sugar Control

But Byetta has also been linked recently to patient deaths

End-of-Life Choices a Complicated Affair

Study shows family wishes, doctor preferences often enter into decisions

Mental Skills Can Decline Years Before Dying

Study of seniors found it's not all part of normal aging process

4 More Deaths Reported Among Byetta Patients

Brings death toll to 6 associated with diabetes drug; exact cause unknown

Findings Challenge Tight Glucose Control for Critically Ill Patients

Analysis of 29 previous studies found no significant difference in hospital death rates

Text-Messaging Injuries Blamed on Distraction

Inattentiveness contacting others can lead to injuries, death while walking or driving

Epilepsy Raises Drowning Risk

Seizures could boost the danger in tubs, pools, experts say

Run for Your Life

Exercisers live longer and with fewer disabilities, study finds

Turbulence Predicts Death Risk for Heart Failure Patients

Abnormal beating a marker for those most likely to die suddenly, study says

Death From Febrile Seizure Rare in Children

Even in high-risk cases, Danish study finds rate similar to that of kids in general population

GI Bleeding After Stroke Raises Death Risk

Triples mortality rate while still in hospital, study finds

Bone Disease Test Shows Death Risk for Dialysis Patients

High alkaline phosphatase levels boosted mortality 25% in chronic kidney cases

Researchers Map America's Deadliest Roads

Online satellite imagery also provides crash data in public policy effort to boost safety

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Extends Survival After Cardiac Arrest

Working with pigs, doctors almost double revival time after hearts stopped beating

HIV Patients Living Longer

Antiretroviral therapy has increased life expectancy by 13 years, researchers say

Worm Study Challenges Prevailing Theory of Aging

May not happen in humans, but genes may determine course of the process

Kidneys Donated After Cardiac Death Cut Racial Disparities

Black patients conferred better outcomes; organ pool increase cut wait time to transplant

When Babies Die, Obstetricians Suffer, Too

Stillbirths, infant deaths caused one in 10 docs to consider giving up practice, survey says

Falls Are Top Cause of Injury, Death Among Elderly

Not all homes are the same, but common sense measures can reduce the risk, expert says

Alcohol's Impact on Heart, Stroke Risk Differs by Gender

Amount that may be beneficial for men is not good for women, study says

ELS Plus CPR Boosts Blood Flow After Cardiac Arrest

Catheter procedure keeps heart tissue alive, benefits other organs, study finds

Men Often Not Told of Severity of Wife's Cancer

Study finds almost 40% say docs never said condition was terminal until near death

Extreme Heat a Deadly Risk for Older Adults

Their bodies don't cool quickly, so caution should rise with temperatures

Chronic Kidney Disease Growing Globally

Researchers urge countries to make condition a public health priority

Education, Income Affect Heart Attack Survival Rates

More schooling, more money linked to improved outcomes, study concludes

Poorer Patients Have Poorer Survival After Cancer Diagnosis

Less affluent individuals had more advanced disease and were less likely to receive needed treatment

Low Blood Sodium Predicts Mortality in PAH Patients

Routine measurement could be a vital indicator for treating narrowing of lung arteries

CT Screens for Lung Cancer Not a Cure-All

Study says patients should think carefully about test that has no direct evidence of benefit

Type, Severity of Iraq War Injuries Change Over Time

Insurgents' explosive devices killing more soldiers, leaving injured with more wounds, study says