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Breaking Down Barriers to End-of-Life Care for Children

Effective communication with doctors and respect for role of parents are key, survey finds

Vaccine-Preventable Deaths Reach New Low in U.S.

Tens of thousands of lives saved each year through immunization, study says

Obesity Linked to Prostate Cancer Death Rates

Researchers aren't sure why mortality may be tied to weight

Severe Urinary Problems Boost Death Risk in Older Men

Those over 45 face an almost 24-fold increase in mortality, study says

Experts Propose Rules to Rate Hospitals' Safety

Concise reporting would ensure validity of patient safety findings, group says

Obesity Leaves More Americans With Physical Limitations

But some extra weight may not lead to cardiovascular disease and cancer, research finds

Study Finds Benefits With Drug-Coated Stents

Better outcomes for high-risk patients

U.S. Life Expectancy Hits New High

Drops in deaths from heart disease, cancer and stroke fuel the trend

Education Linked to Cancer Death Rates

Socioeconomic status and access to health care may explain the connection

Small Incisions Make Heart Valve Surgery Safer

Death risk lowered for those who had undergone previous heart surgery, Belgian study finds

Injuries, Deaths Tied to Consumer Drugs Rise Sharply

'Adverse events' more than doubled between 1998 and 2005

Rock 'N' Roll: Sex, Drugs and an Early Exit

Pop stars twice as likely to die young compared to general population, study finds

Weight-Loss Surgeries Extend Lives

Studies support expanded use of gastric bypass, banding, experts say

Most Asian Men Have Better Prostate Cancer Survival Rates

Finding could help to govern treatment approaches, study suggests

Uncanny Kitty Senses Patients' Death

'Oscar' alerts dementia ward staff when the end is near

End-of-Life Hospice Care Underused

Many of the dying gain access too late or not at all, experts say

Better Grasp of Health Info May Boost Life Span

But a quarter of older adults have 'poor health literacy,' U.S. study finds

Straight Talk From Docs on Grim Prognoses Works Best

Knowing the facts helps, even when outlook is poor, new research shows

Health Tip: Dealing With Loss

Healthy ways to face your emotions

Cataracts, Macular Degeneration Increase Risk of Death

Study found the link held true until age 75

Breast Cancer Survival May Run in Families

Daughters of women who succumb to the disease have heightened risk of dying if they develop it, Swedish study finds.

Global Warming Will Cause Rise in Death Rates

Toll won't be offset by milder winters, researchers predict

Bengay Death Highlights OTC Dangers

Just because it's nonprescription doesn't mean it's harmless, experts caution in wake of teen track star's overdose from sports cream

Single, Free, But Not So Healthy?

Married life often means longer life, especially for men, studies find

Diabetes Cuts 8 Years Off Life

It boosts heart disease risk as well, new research shows

Low Testosterone Levels Linked to Increased Mortality

But researchers stress there's no evidence that boosting levels will reduce risk

Disagreement With Doctor on Health Hurts Cancer Patients

Those with advanced lung, colon cancers more likely to die if disconnect exists, study found

Man's Best Friend Joins the Fight Against Cancer

New canine tumor tissue bank will help save dog and human lives, experts say

World's Cancer Patients Face Inequities in Access to Newer Drugs

More than half will benefit, but it depends on where they live, study finds

Dutch Euthanasia Rates Steady After Legalization

Move hasn't led to ongoing rise in cases, experts note

Higher White Blood Cell Count May Boost Death Risk

45-year study shows a link, especially with heart disease

U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Twice as High for Blacks

But overall rate down by 10% since 1995, study finds

A Brother's Death, a Sister's Awakening

His inspiring fight against a crippling cancer taught her the value of life and love

Suicides Likelier in Homes With Guns: Study

It's one of top three causes of death among people under 45

Breast Cancer Deaths Dropping Most in Women Under 70

Overall decline since 1990s attributed to tamoxifen, more screenings, experts say

Young Black, Native-American Children at Higher Risk of Fatal Accidents

While the gap is closing, more education efforts are needed, study says

U.S. Hospital Errors Continue to Rise

Rate increased to 3% between 2003-2005, analysis finds

Drug Provides Short-Term Relief of Heart Failure Symptoms

But studies of tolvaptan say its use doesn't reduce risk of re-hospitalization or death

High Rate of Psychiatric Woes in Children Bereaved by 9/11

Rates of PTSD and other conditions doubled in the years after the attacks, study found

Obese Men With Prostate Cancer Face Higher Death Risk

Study finds 2.6-fold increase in chance of dying compared to normal-weight men

Genetic Link to Suicidal Tendencies Nailed Down

A third study replicates finding that chromosome 2 region plays a vital role

Stages of Grief Theory Put to the Test

Researchers find the bereaved do go through stages, but not necessarily as expected

Teen Pregnancy Rates Hit All-Time Low

But Caesarean delivery rates climb to record high, report finds

End-of-Life Communication Helps Families Cope With Loss

Just 10 extra minutes with health-care providers reduced stress and depression, study finds

Top U.S. Hospitals Have 28% Lower Mortality Rate: Study

Annual survey finds growing gap between high-quality institutions and rest of the field

Heavy Drinking Exacts Toll on Women With Hepatitis C

Imbibing eliminates survival advantage over men, study finds

Looking for a Longer Life? Win a Nobel Prize

Study finds laureates gain almost 2 years time, not to mention the lofty social status

Heart Rhythm Gene Linked to Sudden Infant Deaths

Fatal arrhythmia study suggests screening may identify babies at risk

Health Tip: Using Hospice

Services focus on physical, emotional and spiritual support

Prison Release a Dangerous Health Time for Many

Former inmates have higher immediate risk of death from drug overdose, homicide and suicide, study finds