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Health Tip: Using Hospice

Services focus on physical, emotional and spiritual support

Prison Release a Dangerous Health Time for Many

Former inmates have higher immediate risk of death from drug overdose, homicide and suicide, study finds

Excess Weight Boosts Risk of Death From Prostate Cancer

The heavier the man, the greater the threat, study finds

Hospitals Embrace the Hospice Model

The goal: Make the prospect of death as natural and comfortable as possible

Stroke Incidence Has Declined for 50 Years

But, 30-day mortality rate has decreased significantly only for men, study finds

Future Flu Pandemic Could Cost 62 Million Lives: Report

Data from 1918-20 outbreak predicts poor countries would be hit hardest

Insurance Doesn't Cure Health-Care Disparities

Blacks with colon cancer still have worse outcomes, study finds

Moderate Alcohol Levels May Protect Brain After Trauma

But high blood levels are deadly, new study finds

2 Studies Find Drug-Eluting Stents Risky Without Blood Thinner

Heart patients with such stents face higher sudden-death risk, cardiologists report.

Drug-Eluting Stents Risky Without Blood Thinner, Study Suggests

Despite clotting dangers, the devices are still the best option, some cardiologists say

Implanted Heart Devices Should Be Recyled After Death, Researchers Say

Morticians and patients willing to donate defibrillators and pacemakers for further use, survey finds.

Jet Lag Shortens Life Span of Older Mice

Sleep interruptions may pose health risks for humans, too

Posh Neighborhoods Tough on Poorer Residents' Health

Low-income people died earlier than if they lived in less-affluent areas, study found

Surgery Better Than Stents at Stroke Prevention

French trial focused on patients with blocked arteries who showed symptoms

You Can't Burn Too Much Energy

Research disproves theory that physical activity may actually decrease lifespan

Diabetes Drugs Could Stop Deadly Sepsis

They reduced severe inflammation, restored heart function in animal trials

Sunday Blue Laws Limit Alcohol-Related Crashes, Deaths

When New Mexico repealed its ban, traffic deaths rose 42 percent, study found

Many Nephrologists Unprepared to Make End-of-Life Decisions

60% cited unease, while more-experienced kidney specialists did not

Diabetes a Greater Risk for Death Than Obesity

Being overweight may not always predict poor health outcomes, study finds

Lead Levels May Not Be Stringent Enough

Study finds even 'safe' exposures may mean 25% higher risk of death from all causes

Deaths From Kidney Cancer on the Rise

Expert suggests lack of effective chemotherapy drugs might explain trend

Fetal Deaths Due to Preeclampsia Drop

Early delivery and better prenatal management behind trend, study says

Long Life May Be Your Cup of (Green) Tea

The brew helps prevent an early demise, major Japanese study suggests

U.S. Life Expectancy Tied to Race and Place

For example, Asian American women live decades longer than urban black males

Infant Deaths After C-Sections Rise Even in Low-Risk Pregnancies

Danger to babies more than twice that of those delivered vaginally, study finds

Home Visits Cut Death Risk for Seniors

Swedish study finds health worker interventions cut mortality rate in half

Hospice Helps Dying Patients Avoid Hospitalization

Quality of life is better when terminal patients avoid hospital care, experts say

Obesity Increases Chances of Early Death

Study found risk was two to three times greater than in normal-weight people

Choice of Health Care 'Proxy' Often Surprising

A third of married people would choose someone other than spouse to decide their care, study found

Killer Heat Waves Do Discriminate

Elderly who live in threatening, rundown areas most vulnerable, study suggests

Staying Single May Shorten Life Span

U.S. study finds 58 percent increased death rate for singles vs. marrieds

Shopping Carts Top List of Kids' Health Hazards

20,000 injured last year, child restraints urged

With Time Running Out, Some Gain a Reprieve

Each year, a handful of 'dying' patients beat the odds, experts say

Resistant Bacteria Blamed for High Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia Deaths

Patients twice as likely to die when infected with this stubborn strain, study finds

9/11 Rescuers Have Reduced Lung Functions

New research finds rescue workers have reduction equivalent to 12 years of aging

Heat-Related Deaths in U.S. on the Rise

Toll tops 150 as California reports 132 fatalities, mostly elderly

Openness Helps Child When a Parent is Dying

The process is never easy, but access, honesty are key, experts say

Predicting the Outlook for Coma Patients

New guidelines help to gauge a poor prognosis

Young Type 2 Diabetics More Likely to Suffer Kidney Failure

Study of Native American tribe may have prevention message for all, researchers say

Subtle, Deadly Form of Heart Failure on the Rise

Standard heart-pumping measurements won't pick up 'diastolic' form of the disease

Smoking Linked to Higher Death Rate Among Poorer Men

Quitting could reduce gap in mortality rates between rich and poor, study says

Women Run Greater Risk of Lung Cancer

But men are more likely to die from the disease, study finds

Take Your Medicines, Save Your Life

Canadian researchers find even a placebo drug can lower your risk

Ditch That Cell Phone in a Thunderstorm

The devices may prove deadly in a lightning strike, some doctors suggest

Older Transfused Blood May Raise Risks After Surgery

Units near the 42-day storage limit could boost heart patients' chances of death, study finds

When Treatment Fails, Should Medical Caring Stop?

One woman's final journey sheds light on the 'abandonment' some dying patients feel

Defibrillator Recipients Face Increased Heart-Failure Risk

They need more care than they're getting to ensure their health, study says

Counseling Helps Lung Transplant Candidates Cope

Telephone discussions ease the anxious wait for an organ, study finds

5 States Get Failing Grades on Prostate Cancer 'Report Card'

Many not doing even the simplest things to encourage men to get tested, coalition says

Heart Attacks Are Biggest Threat to U.S. Firefighters

Fatal motor vehicle crashes a close second for volunteers, report finds