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Choice of Health Care 'Proxy' Often Surprising

A third of married people would choose someone other than spouse to decide their care, study found

Killer Heat Waves Do Discriminate

Elderly who live in threatening, rundown areas most vulnerable, study suggests

Staying Single May Shorten Life Span

U.S. study finds 58 percent increased death rate for singles vs. marrieds

Shopping Carts Top List of Kids' Health Hazards

20,000 injured last year, child restraints urged

With Time Running Out, Some Gain a Reprieve

Each year, a handful of 'dying' patients beat the odds, experts say

Resistant Bacteria Blamed for High Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia Deaths

Patients twice as likely to die when infected with this stubborn strain, study finds

9/11 Rescuers Have Reduced Lung Functions

New research finds rescue workers have reduction equivalent to 12 years of aging

Heat-Related Deaths in U.S. on the Rise

Toll tops 150 as California reports 132 fatalities, mostly elderly

Openness Helps Child When a Parent is Dying

The process is never easy, but access, honesty are key, experts say

Predicting the Outlook for Coma Patients

New guidelines help to gauge a poor prognosis

Young Type 2 Diabetics More Likely to Suffer Kidney Failure

Study of Native American tribe may have prevention message for all, researchers say

Subtle, Deadly Form of Heart Failure on the Rise

Standard heart-pumping measurements won't pick up 'diastolic' form of the disease

Smoking Linked to Higher Death Rate Among Poorer Men

Quitting could reduce gap in mortality rates between rich and poor, study says

Women Run Greater Risk of Lung Cancer

But men are more likely to die from the disease, study finds

Take Your Medicines, Save Your Life

Canadian researchers find even a placebo drug can lower your risk

Ditch That Cell Phone in a Thunderstorm

The devices may prove deadly in a lightning strike, some doctors suggest

Older Transfused Blood May Raise Risks After Surgery

Units near the 42-day storage limit could boost heart patients' chances of death, study finds

When Treatment Fails, Should Medical Caring Stop?

One woman's final journey sheds light on the 'abandonment' some dying patients feel

Defibrillator Recipients Face Increased Heart-Failure Risk

They need more care than they're getting to ensure their health, study says

Counseling Helps Lung Transplant Candidates Cope

Telephone discussions ease the anxious wait for an organ, study finds

5 States Get Failing Grades on Prostate Cancer 'Report Card'

Many not doing even the simplest things to encourage men to get tested, coalition says

Heart Attacks Are Biggest Threat to U.S. Firefighters

Fatal motor vehicle crashes a close second for volunteers, report finds

U.S. Death Rates Drop Dramatically

And life expectancy is going up, new government figures show

Delaying Surgery for Bladder Cancer Costly

Patients who had operation after 93 days from diagnosis more likely to die, study says

Hormone Can Predict Pulmonary Hypertension, Risk of Death

BNP serves as a marker in people with serious lung disease, study says

Child's Death Can Trigger Parent's Suicide

Leftover painkillers in the home pose a particular threat, report says

Pediatric End-of-Life Care Lacking

Parents recommend six areas of importance, reports study

Antidepressants Boost Heart Patients' Death Risk

New research contradicts previous findings, experts say

Vascular Abnormalities in Brain Linked to Shorter Life Span

Excess amounts of white matter may be sign of high blood pressure, study says

Spouse's Hospitalization Can Take Heavy Toll

Stress boosts death risk for healthy partner, study finds

Blood Test Predicts Death Risk In Patients With Shortness of Breath

A key protein shows how likely patients are to die within one year, study shows

U.S. Cancer Deaths Drop for First Time in More Than 70 Years

Experts point to lifestyle changes, earlier screening and better therapies

Civil War Vets Suffered Long After Battles Ended

Youngest soldiers in deadliest units had more illnesses, earlier deaths

Gender, Ethnicity Sway Choices for End-of-Life Care

Women tend to want more life-extending interventions than men, study finds

Katrina: It Could Have Been Worse, U.S. Report Says

But the number of people needing mental-health care will likely increase, experts contend

Quality of Life Predicts Head and Neck Cancer Survival

Progress in the first year after surgery could be crucial, study suggests

Nine States Have Banned Smoking in Public Places

But 40 fail to adequately finance tobacco-prevention programs, report says

FDA Recalls Drug Used to Diagnose Appendicitis

NeutroSpec linked to 2 deaths, 20 'life-threatening' reactions, agency says

U.S. Health Gains Starting to Slow: Study

Rates of early death, prenatal care, smoking stable in recent years; obesity way up

Radiation After Lumpectomy Improves Survival Odds

International trial found it made a difference 15 years later

More U.S. Hospitals Offer Palliative Care

Growth of specialty called a major change in U.S. health care

Coping With the Loss of a Loved One During the Holidays

Expert offers suggestions to help you deal with the grief

Are U.S. Health Experts Inflating Flu Statistics?

Journal article claims they are, but CDC expert denies the charge

Pacifiers Prevent SIDS Deaths: Study

They cut the risk of mortality by 90 percent, researchers find

Obesity, Blood Pressure Woes Haunt Aging Boomers

But life expectancy has hit an all-time high, annual U.S. health report finds

Most Would Trust Doctors if Euthanasia Legalized

Just 20% of Americans surveyed said it would lower their faith in physicians

Car Crashes Kill Many More People Than Terrorism

In the U.S. alone, the toll is 400 times higher, report says

Abortion Pill Deaths Probed

Battle continues over Mifeprex's safety after rare cases of fatal infection

Heart Failure Patients in Two Countries Compared

U.S. patients did better than Canadian ones in short run, but difference disappeared after a year

Doctors Lack Training for End-of-Life Care

Dying patients pay the price, new study finds