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Plastic Surgery Risks May Depend on More Than Age

After screening out other problems, older people had no increase in complications, study finds

Dificid Approved to Treat C. diff Diarrhea

Bacterial infection commonly acquired in hospitals

Scientists Discover 'Ultra-Bad' Cholesterol

Study of super-sticky LDL may spur new heart disease treatments for seniors, type 2 diabetics

More Primary Care Docs in a Community Equals Healthier Seniors

Study found fewer preventable hospitalizations among Medicare beneficiaries

Alzheimer's Risk Gene May Damage Brain Decades Before Symptoms Show

Scans indicate even young adults who have the gene have some white-matter deterioration

Health Tip: Is My Memory Loss Normal?

When forgetfulness isn't just a sign of getting older

Tai Chi Prevents Falls, Boosts Mental Health in Seniors: Study

But the gentle form of exercise doesn't relieve symptoms of cancer, arthritis, researchers find

Can 'Doll Therapy' Help Put Dementia Patients at Ease?

Medical center finds that simply holding baby dolls makes some elders happy

1 in 7 U.S. Nursing Homes Cited for Poor Infection Control

Estimated 400,000 residents die of infections annually