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Living to 100 May Be Tougher Than You Think

Study suggests death rate keeps rising at same pace after age 80

Screening by Primary-Care Doctors May Spot Dementia

Findings run counter to current recommendations, which advise against routine mental checks

Overeating May Double Risk of Memory Loss: Study

Too many calories could lead to early signs of Alzheimer's, preliminary research suggests

Health Tip: When You Can't Hear

How family and friends can help

Antidepressants May Not Raise Suicide Risk in Youth: Study

Despite 'black box warning' for drugs such as Prozac, no increase -- or decrease -- was found

Health Tip: How to Protect Seniors From Injury

Devise a home safety checklist

Winter Can Pose Hazards for Seniors

For those with mobility problems, snow and ice can leave them stranded at home

Questionnaire Could Help Predict Alzheimer's: Study

21 simple questions may help docs determine which patients need more testing, researchers say

Alzheimer's-Linked Brain Plaques May Affect Memory in Healthy People

Research could lead to better understanding of the origins of Alzheimer's

Alternative to Colonoscopy Spots Cancers, Too

Study examines repeat sigmoidoscopy, a somewhat less-invasive screening method

Neurologists Should Screen Patients for Abuse: Experts

People with certain disorders might be more vulnerable to violence, says American Academy of Neurology

Certain Seniors at Risk for Infection After ER Visit: Study

Going to hospital may spur respiratory, gastro illnesses in long-term care residents

Health Tip: Strengthen Your Muscles

And help avoid muscle loss as you age

Dementia May Lead to Avoidable Hospitalizations

Two-thirds of admissions in these patients are for preventable illnesses, study finds

Could Daily Aspirin Harm Seniors' Eyes?

Study found possible association between drug and age-related macular degeneration

Women's Sexual Satisfaction Often Rises With Age: Study

Desire not main motivation for women sexually active in their 60s, 70s and 80s

'Silent Strokes' Linked to Memory Loss in Elderly: Study

More memory woes noted in seniors who had experienced these events, researchers say.

Vitamins, Omega-3s May Keep Brain From Shrinking: Study

Healthy seniors with higher levels of certain nutrients did better on thinking tests, researchers say

Racial Disparities Seem to Persist in Depression Diagnosis

Older black Americans less likely to receive diagnosis than white peers, study finds

Health Tip: Learning to Eat With Dentures

Suggestions for making the adjustment

Most Sick or Disabled Seniors Want Docs to Say How Long They Have

But very few actually have that conversation, study finds

Extra Help Enhances Holidays for Older Relatives

Some thoughtful preparation can let everyone participate and celebrate

For Older Runners, the Message Is: Keep Those Legs Pumping

After 60, you still use oxygen efficiently, study finds, but strength declines

Health Tip: Should You Still Be Driving?

Older people need to evaluate their skills, experts say

Medication Review May Benefit Home Health Care Patients

Seniors who get prescriptions at medical office have fewer potentially inappropriate drugs: study

At-Home Blood Pressure Readings Might Help Track Ailing Brain: Study

Portable device that measures BP changes during daily activities also may shed light on brain health

Regular Sex May Be Key to Happy Marriage for Seniors

More-than-monthly sex also linked to happiness with life in general, survey findings suggest

Seniors' Memory Doesn't Seem to Improve With Sleep: Study

Age-related brain changes seen as likely cause for some memory problems in elderly, researchers say

More Americans Living to 90, U.S. Census Finds

They're the fastest-growing segment of the older population

Older ER Patients Less Likely to Get Pain Meds, Data Shows

Researchers say doctors may fear side-effects in the elderly

Low-Income Seniors at Greater Risk for Heart Failure

These Medicare recipients may not be able to afford out-of-pocket medical expenses, researchers say

Poorer Americans See Sharper Health Declines With Age

The rich have less trouble bathing, dressing, walking, study says

'Mini-Strokes' Linked to Earlier Deaths

The risk is highest among older people and those with a history of heart problems

Money Woes May Drive Some Seniors to Smoke, Drink More

Men and those with less education were most prone, study finds

Seniors Choose Medicare Prescription Plans Wisely: Study

Despite the complexity, older Americans figure out which plan is the least costly to them

High-Tech Suit Lets You Know What It's Like to Be Old

Creation will help make products, services more user-friendly for an aging population, scientists say

Many Medicare Patients Get Surgeries in Last Year of Life: Study

Wide variations seen in number of procedures, depending on region where patient lives

Hospital Readmission Rates on the Rise in Older Adults: Study

1 in 6 Medicare patients ends up back in hospital within a month after discharge, report shows

Surgeon Experience Matters in Neck Artery Procedure: Study

Patient death rate within 30 days higher if doctor has less experience with carotid stenting

Extra Pounds Linked to Weaker Legs in Older Women

Heavier seniors had less power in their legs relative to their weight than slimmer peers: study

Hip Fracture May Raise a Woman's Risk of Earlier Death

Breaking hip at age 70 doubles risk of dying within a year, study finds

Certain 'Senior Moments' May Signal Mental Decline

Getting lost in familiar places, trouble following a group conversation are red flags, study finds

Older Women Can Benefit From Sex Ed Campaigns

Sexually active women over 50 need more information about their sexual health, study finds

Health Tip: Look for Signs of Elder Abuse

Possible symptoms of intentional harm or neglect

Health Tip: Stay Social as You Grow Older

Relationships are important for healthy aging

Health Tip: Seniors, Prepare for Exercise

Suggestions for getting started

Blood Protein Might Signal Death Risk in Elderly

The protein is linked to inflammation, cancer and heart disease

Health Tip: Senior Drivers, Stay Safe

Suggestions to reduce your risk of an accident

Certain Antidepressants Linked to Falls in Nursing Homes

Closer monitoring of patients changing or starting a non-SSRI is advised, researchers say