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Health Tip: Do You Have Chronic Fatigue?

Ask yourself these questions

(HealthDay News) -- Everyone experiences fatigue from time to time. But for 800,000 American adults, the fatigue can be crushing, unrelieved by rest and accompanied by a variety of other punishing symptoms. They have chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), with symptoms that are debilitating enough to destroy good health and active lifestyles, end fulfilling careers, and devastate families.

If you think you may have the disorder, the CFIDS Association of America suggests you ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you felt generally unwell for three months or longer?
  • Can you still do most or all of the physical and mental activities you did before you began to feel sick?
  • If you're able to keep up with most or all or your work, family and leisure activities, you probably don't have CFIDS.
  • But a trip to the doctor is the best way to be sure.
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