Perk Up

Just how much caffeine are you getting?

(HealthDayNews) -- Millions of Americans need their morning shot of caffeine to start the day. And millions more drink beverages laden with the pick-me-up throughout the day.

If you are among them, you might wonder which drinks have the most caffeine. The Mayo Clinic has some answers.

By far, coffee made by the drip method leads the pack with 105 mg per 6-ounce cup. Percolator coffee has 75, instant 60 and an ounce of espresso comes in at 50. Even decaffeinated coffee has a little, at 2 mg per cup.

Other beverages include: tea, 35 to 50 mg per 6-ounce cup; colas 35-50 per 12 ounces; Mountain Dew, 55; and caffeine-free sodas, trace amounts.

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