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Frying? Try Olive Oil

It cuts the fat

(HealthDayNews) -- If you're cutting out fried foods to cut down on fats, consider using olive oil instead.

The Spanish-language journal Spanish Clinical Review compared the fat contents of some foods before and after they were fried in olive oil.

Lean meat lost 0.5 percent of its fat when it was pan-fried, and lost 1.3 percent of its fat during deep-fat frying.

Salmon lost 11.7 percent of its fat on pan frying and about 8 percent of its fat on deep fat frying.

Hake, a very low-fat fish, gained 2.4 percent fat on pan frying and 5 percent on deep fat frying, but hake has so little fat that the percentage increases don't amount to a great deal of fat anyway.

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