Slim Fest

Overweight people head for the dessert table faster

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(HealthDayNews) -- Staying slim is all a matter of taste.

That's the conclusion of research into that favorite phrase: "Life is uncertain; eat dessert first."

Researchers from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey studied what happens when you follow that line of reasoning by observing the eating behavior of lean people, comparing it with the way overweight people eat.

To do this, they invited a large group to a buffet, and took careful notes.

Though everyone got to the table at about the same time, the overweight people headed for the dessert section earlier than the lean people -- and more of their meal was composed of energy-dense foods.

The lean group ate just as much food, but they ate more of the fruits and vegetables -- low-energy density -- and didn't get to the dessert section until the very end.

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