Health Tip: Food Journals Help Design Eating Programs

Be truthful when recording habits

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(HealthDay News) -- Keeping a food journal can help a doctor design an eating program that is suitable for your needs.

According to, keeping track of your intake for one day can help make changes in your diet. In the journal, indicate the size, volume, weight and number of items for each food you eat. Be sure to be specific as to what types of food youre eating, and include things such as soda, gravy, salad dressing and ketchup.

You should also write down the time of day you ate the food. Include where you ate it, such as the kitchen or in a restaurant, who you ate with, how you felt when eating it and the activities you were doing while eating.

It is important not to alter your eating habits while writing a food journal, and to tell the truth so your doctor can help you to the best of his ability.


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