Health Tip: Get More Nutrients

Make a few simple adjustments to your menu

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(HealthDay News) -- For a more nutritious punch, make a few simple swaps to get the most from your meals.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers these ideas:

  • Boost oatmeal by mixing with fat-free milk, and fresh or dried fruit.
  • Enclose a sandwich between slices of whole-wheat bread, and pile on avocado, tomato and other veggies, along with lean deli meat.
  • Make macaroni and cheese with whole-grain pasta.
  • Eating out? Order a dinner salad with grilled seafood, or baked potato topped with veggies. For a beverage, opt for fat-free or low-fat milk, or 100 percent fruit juice.
  • Use shredded sharp cheddar cheese or chopped nuts atop your favorite food.
  • Opt for a nutritious powerhouse, such as a veggie-packed soup with lean proteins.
  • Order or create a fruit-based smoothie for dessert.


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