Health Tip: Teach Your Child to Eat Well

Suggestions to make mealtime more fun

(HealthDayNews) -- Getting your child to eat enough nutritious foods is a tough assignment.

So here are some suggestions from the University of Nebraska on how to make mealtimes more enjoyable:

  • Involve your child in meal preparation. By allowing your preschooler to take part, you may spur your child's interest in a new or unfamiliar food.
  • Include at least one of your child's preferred foods.
  • Prepare foods with a variety of colors and textures. This will create interest and increase the number of foods your child will accept.
  • Use child-size portions. A good gauge is one tablespoon of food for each year of the child's age.
  • Maintain a consistent schedule. Try to serve each meal before your child becomes overly hungry, tired or irritable.
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