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Health Tip: Travel Well, Eat Well

Healthy eating while on vacation

(HealthDay News) -- Going on vacation doesn't mean that you have to blow your diet. You can still eat well while you're traveling.

The American Society of Travel Agents offers these suggestions for eating healthy on the road:

  • If you're flying to your destination, ask for a low-fat or vegetarian meal on the plane.
  • If you're driving, skip fast food drive-throughs. Instead, pack a cooler with healthy sandwiches, fruit and drinks.
  • Bring along fresh, crunchy vegetables, crackers, granola and yogurt.
  • If you do stop for a bite, make healthy choices. Order your sandwich without high-fat sauces or dressing, and skip the fries.
  • Once you're at the hotel, steer clear of the mini bar.
  • If your hotel offers breakfast, turn down the danishes and doughnuts. Instead, look for cereal, fresh fruit, and other low-fat options.
  • If you do eat too much or splurge on a high-calorie meal, just make up for it at the next one.
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