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Health Tip: Your Child Doesn't Eat Meat

Make sure her diet contains enough nutrients

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(HealthDay News) -- Some children go through a vegetarian phase -- declaring that they'll never eat meat again.

Whether this is a lasting dietary change or a fleeting fancy, you need to make sure your child's eating regimen is sufficiently varied.

Akron Children's Hospital suggests you include the following nutrients in your child's diet:

  • Calories and fat: peanut butter, nuts, cheese, sunflower seeds, and soy products.
  • Protein: legumes, meatless chili, and dairy and soy products.
  • Calcium: milk and orange juice, tofu and dark green, leafy vegetables.
  • Iron: enriched grains, legumes, and dried fruit.
  • Vitamin B12: fortified soy milk, and some breakfast cereals.
  • Zinc: legumes, hard cheeses, whole grain products, wheat germ, nuts and tofu.


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