Missing Minerals

They disappear after you cook food

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(HealthDayNews) -- You've heard that cooking removes vitamins from a lot of foods, but did you know it can also affect the minerals in food?

The European Journal of Cancer Prevention reports that researchers at Modena University in Italy decided to measure the nutritional value of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.

  • None of the foods they cooked -- beef, filet of sole, cauliflower and vegetable soup -- had any folic acid left after preparation. But the fish still had 94 percent of its original retinol levels even after it was grilled.
  • Copper levels in cauliflower dropped 37 percent as a result of cooking, but almost all the foods retained more than 90 percent of their iron content.
  • And while orange juice retained its vitamin C levels, fruit salad lost its vitamin C content very rapidly.

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