Shellfish Surprise

Some shellfish contains healthy fat

(HealthDayNews) -- If you're concerned about your cholesterol, you probably avoid shellfish like the plague. But the latest research suggests that some shellfish -- like cholesterol-rich shrimp -- may actually be good for you.

Shrimp has more cholesterol than any other shellfish besides squid. But according to the University of California, Berkley, the cholesterol in shrimp may not be as much of a problem as the cholesterol in other foods. Shrimp are very low in saturated fat, the kind of fat that raises blood cholesterol. In addition, shrimp contain heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

It also might surprise you to learn that many shellfish, such as crabs, scallops, mussels, clams, and lobster are actually slightly lower in cholesterol than chicken or beef.

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