Sweet Tooth Substitutes

Are they OK?

(HealthDayNews) -- Do you prefer artificial sweeteners to the real thing, but are concerned about their safety? According to the Medical College of Wisconsin, you shouldn't worry.

Research conducted years ago that linked saccharin to cancer was conducted on rats, and a person would have to swallow 850 cans of diet soda a day in order to consume the same amount of saccharin researchers used in their studies.

Both the American Dietetic Association and the American Diabetic Association say sugar substitutes are fine for most people. Pregnant women and individuals with Phenylketonuria should check with their doctors.

Here are some reasons to choose low-calorie sweeteners:

  • You save calories: One teaspoon of sugar contains 16 calories, compared with less than 4 calories per teaspoon in sugar substitutes.
  • Artificial sweeteners don't cause cavities.
  • They are especially beneficial for diabetics whose sugar intake is restricted.
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