The Best of the Bunch

Some vegetables are better than others

(HealthDayNews) -- The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends people eat three to five servings of vegetables a day. But not all vegetables pack the same nutritional punch.

Opt for dark green and orange vegetables because they're usually rich in vitamin A, iron and vitamin C, advises Rush-Presbyterian - St. Luke's Medical Center.

Here are some more suggestions:

  • Switch from iceberg to darker-green Romaine lettuce. It has twice the fiber and five times as much vitamins A and C.
  • Spoon green peas onto your plate instead of celery. They're far richer in fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C than celery.
  • Replace lettuce with broccoli or spinach.
  • Mushrooms have fiber and potassium and are low in calories, fat- and cholesterol-free, but they lack vitamin A. Rather, eat carrots -- which are rich in vitamin A and fiber.
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