Health Tip: Watch Out for the Saltiest Foods

Too much salt contributes to heart ills

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(HealthDay News) -- Too much salt can wreak havoc on your health, yet it's hidden in foods that you probably eat every day.

The American Heart Association, recommending no more than 1,500 mg of sodium daily, mentions these foods that are packed with sodium:

  • Rolls and bread, and salt levels can really add up when you eat more than just one.
  • Cured and deli meats can contain half of your suggested daily sodium intake in just 2 ounces. That's the equivalent of about six thin slices.
  • Between the cheese, sauce and toppings, a single slice of pizza can fill more than half of your suggested daily salt allotment.
  • Poultry can be packed in salt-filled solutions, so always check product labels.
  • Canned soup in a single cup can have as much as 940 milligrams of sodium.
  • A fast-food burger or sandwich can exceed your daily allotment of salt.


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