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Health Tip: Regain Weight the Healthy Way

Suggestions for putting back lost pounds

(HealthDay News) -- If an illness, surgery or medication has left you needing to regain some weight, experts suggest there's a healthy way to do so.

The American Dietetic Association offers this advice:

  • Avoid too much junk food. The empty calories may help you add pounds, but won't benefit you nutritionally.
  • If your appetite is lacking, eat five or six small meals a day. Drink fluids before or after meals, rather than during.
  • Add healthier calorie-laden condiments and spreads, such as peanut butter or cheese.
  • Use milk instead of water to cook oatmeal, and add higher-calorie foods such as honey, nuts, dried fruit, margarine or powdered milk after the oatmeal is cooked.
  • Top salads with healthy fats, such as nuts and seeds, olive oil, olives or avocados.
  • Add dry milk powder to dishes such as mashed potatoes or casseroles.
  • Work with a dietitian to create a healthy eating plan to boost weight.
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