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You're Only as Full as You Expect to Be

People who ate the same amount of food were hungrier if they thought they got less food

A Healthy Diet May Help Ward Off Dementia

New studies suggest that, yes, eating right could boost your brain function

Cooking at Home Means Eating Better, Spending Less

8 out of 10 Americans' diets fall short, and dining out a big reason why, research suggests

Make a Healthy Lifestyle Your New Year's Resolution

The American Medical Association offers seven goals to get you started

Don't Get Stuffed on Thanksgiving

Dietician offers tips for avoiding weight gain during the holidays

Diabetes Drug May Help Kids With Autism Fight Unwanted Pounds

Weight gain is a side effect of antipsychotic drugs used to treat irritability and agitation

Fast-Food Menus With Calorie Counts Not Changing New Yorkers' Habits

Affordable Care Act requires nationwide menu labeling in 2016

Foods That Help Keep the Pounds Off as You Age

Study found it's not just about calories; some foods not as bad for waistline as thought

No Clear Winner Among Popular Diets, Analysis Finds

Researchers saw little difference when it came to weight loss after one year

Exercise, Diet May Help 'Pre-Diabetics' Dodge Heart Disease Death

Study followed Chinese people with high blood sugar for more than two decades

Hungry Shoppers Pile High-Calorie Foods in Their Carts

Your body shifts to survival mode at the grocery store, expert says

Gorging at the Buffet Table? Tactics May Help You Eat Less

Study reveals how people stay in control when faced with endless portions, many choices

Cutting Out Mealtime Distractions May Help Manage Weight

Slowing down, focusing on food could keep you from overeating later, study contends

Healthy Eating Tips for Holiday Parties

Expert says you can maintain your resolve at the buffet table

Despite More 'Healthy' Options, Little Change in Fast-Food Calorie Counts

Watch out for side orders, salad dressings, sauces and desserts, study says

Kick Off the Holiday Season With a Healthier Thanksgiving

Staying active, eating breakfast and controlling portions can curb holiday calories

Brain Scans Suggest Downside to Skipping Breakfast

Small study found fasting prompts people to seek out high-calorie foods

Could Two Words Help You Resist Temptation?

Refusing food by saying 'I don't' can increase feelings of control, study suggests

Don't Fumble Your Diet on Super Bowl Sunday

Expert offers game-day defense for food-filled parties

Eating Out Doesn't Have to Mean Excess Calories

Choose grilled over fried foods, and hold the cheese, mayo and creamy salad dressings

More Protein, Fewer Refined Carbs May Keep Weight Off

Study found low-glycemic index foods such as whole-grain breads led to less weight regain

Go Healthy, Not Hungry for Holiday Eating

Planning ahead can help keep eating under control, expert says

Exercise May Help Maintain Weight Loss

If they continue working out, dieters can keep off pounds, study finds

Regular Yoga May Improve Eating Habits

Body awareness plays a key role in weight maintenance, researchers say

Fat-Fighting Chemical Holds Promise

But research on 'fatostatin' is still in early stages

More Educated Choose Healthier Foods, But Pay More

Higher quality diets also associated with higher income levels, study finds

Atkins Diet Tougher on Heart After Weight Loss

Study found worse cholesterol, blood vessel health than with South Beach, Ornish regimens

Low-Cost Strategies to Maintain Health in Hard Times

Staying fit doesn't have to break the bank, experts say

Eating Strategies for Healthier Holiday Parties

Easy-to-follow tips can take the guilt, and the calories, out of the equation

Holidays Don't Have to Make You Heavier

Maintaining weight, instead of dieting, is a good way to keep pounds off, experts say

Health Tip: Maintain a Healthy Weight

Suggestions to help prevent regaining lost pounds

Don't Rely on Diet to Prevent Weight Regain

In study, people put lost pounds back on regardless of the amount of fat they ate

Freshman Weight Gain Has Many Culprits

Fast food access, alcohol and study load contribute to poor dietary choices, expert says

Most Fit Have Less Brain Atrophy From Alzheimer's

Even moderate exercise, done regularly, improves quality of life

Eating Less May Slow Aging Process

Cutting just 300 calories a day slows metabolism, tissue failure, study says

Don't Take a Vacation From Healthy Eating

Expert says sticking to routine will keep those extra pounds off while school's out

Big, Well-Balanced Breakfast Aids Weight Loss

It led to almost 40-pound reduction among sedentary, obese women, study found

DNA Coding May Make Bowel Prone to Cancer

'Addicted' cells provide early diagnosis; diet could affect changes, study says

Don't Leave Diet Out to Lunch on Vacation

Eating out is common while traveling, but it's important to make healthy choices

One Drink May Help Heart, But Two Is Too Many

Extra glass negates immediate benefits to circulation, Canadian study says

Small Lifestyle Changes Can Boost Longevity

Not smoking, exercising, moderate drinking, eating veggies could add 14 years, study says

Food Pyramid for Older Adults Gets an Update

Added emphasis on physical activity joins USDA guidance on nutrition and healthy weight

High-Fat Diet Can Disrupt Body's Clock

Like a midnight raid on the fridge for junk food -- sleep often suffers, study says

Preeclampsia Linked to Heart Disease Risk

Women need to be aware of their heart disease risk before and after pregnancy

Men Put Their Health on the Back Burner

Survey finds more than a quarter wait 'as long as possible' before seeking help

Mom Was Right: Eating Soup Cuts Calorie Intake

Study finds a bit of broth can spell bliss for weight-watchers

Mediterranean Diet Protects Kids From Allergies: Study

Fruits, vegetables, nuts helped protect against asthma, skin sensitivity

Boost Your Health With Spices

Substituting herbs for salts and fats contributes to a better diet, expert says