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When Football Team Loses, Fans Reach for Junk Food

But 'self-affirmation' can curb emotional eating, study suggests

Brain Size May Yield Clues to Anorexia

Areas that control sense of fullness, perception of body size are unusually large, study finds

Genetic Risks for Eating Disorders, Alcoholism May Be Connected

Twin study found ties between alcohol dependence and binge eating or purging

Urging Your Partner to Diet May Backfire

Response could be unhealthy, such as fasting, taking diet pills or binge eating, study finds

Bipolar Disorder May Vary Depending on Weight, Eating Disorders

Binge eating tied to other mental health problems, obesity to physical symptoms in study patients

Could a Gene Help Make You Obese?

Certain DNA might keep people hungry, study suggests

Childhood Abuse Tied to Food Addiction in Women: Study

Tendency to overeat is nearly doubled for those victimized as kids

Google Search Trends Suggest Mental Woes Vary by Seasons

Study in U.S. and Australia found more online inquiries in winter than summer

'Bigorexics' Want to Boost Their Masculinity

But anorexic guys may identify with more feminine stereotypes, study suggests

Full Pantry Plus Too Little Sleep Is Recipe for Weight Gain

More nighttime snacking seen in small study of young adults

Girls' Peers, Not Media, May Exert Most Pressure to Be Thin

Study looked at unhappiness with body image, feelings of inferiority

Strange Food Pairings May Signal Binge Eating: Study

Many with eating disorder prepare mixtures like cookies and mashed potatoes in secret

Young Binge Eaters Prone to Illicit Drug Use: Study

Overeating occurred first in large review of 17,000 boys and girls

Skinny Genes: Could Heredity Raise Your Vulnerability to 'Be-Thin' Pressure?

Study found female identical twins had similar levels of 'thin idealization'

Can't Stop Eating M&Ms?

New study of rats' brains could hold a key to understanding overeating and obesity

Large Breasts Can Take Mental, Physical Toll on Teens

Research shows some girls with the condition have physical pain, lower self-esteem

Better Health Screening Urged for Female College Athletes

Young women in competitive sports at risk for problems with diet, menstruation, bone loss

Eating Disorders Hitting Women Over 50, Study Finds

Researcher says new treatment strategies needed to target this older population

Preteen Food Choices May Help Predict Eating Disorders Later

Researchers aim to identify best age to start preventive efforts

U.S. Report Outlines Strategies to Prevent Obesity

Promoting daily physical activity, making healthful food readily available are key components

Why You Overeat Even When You're Full

Small study explores how body reacts when aroused by tempting treats

Life Transitions May Trigger Eating Disorders

People with anorexia, bulimia pinpoint break-ups, the death of loved ones as triggers

If Your Dining Partner Overeats, So May You

In study, women mimicked eating behavior of new acquaintances, matching them bite for bite

Many Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Face Eating Problems

Poor throat function, depression and pain are common, study finds

Eating Disorders Can Last Well Beyond Teen Years

Experts are finding that adult stresses often trigger lingering problems

Jaw Shrinks With Age, 40-Year Study Finds

Teeth crowding and changes in bite can result, researchers say

Larger Food Portions May Be Seen as Status Symbols

People might eat more to feel like big shots, researchers find

Certain After-Stroke Treatments May Boost Outcome

Management of fever, blood sugar and swallowing problems boosts survival, functioning, study finds

Does Your Picky Eater Have a 'Feeding Disorder'?

It's normal for kids to resist new foods, but rejecting entire food groups may signal a problem

Mixed Results Seen With 'Off-Label' Use of Antipsychotics

Non-FDA-approved use of drugs showed limited benefits and some harm in large review

Health Tip: Eating Disorders May Affect Oral Health

How teeth and gums may be affected

Eating Disorders Can Harm Women's Fertility

Anorexic and bulimic patients twice as likely as other women to seek help getting pregnant: study

Eating Disorders Appear to Raise Risk of Death

Anorexia poses greatest threat, but bulimics are at risk too, study finds

Extreme Dieting Often Lasts From Early Teens to Adulthood

Girls and young women are more likely to do it, but boys aren't immune, study finds

Eating Disorders May Raise Risk of Depression in Pregnancy

Screening for mental health problems, abuse should be routine part of prenatal care, researchers say

Sleep-Deprived People May Crave High-Calorie Foods

Findings add to evidence linking fatigue, weight gain, researchers say

How Brain Sees the 'Big Picture' May Affect Self-Image

People with body dysmorphic disorder process visual information abnormally, study finds

Family Meals Keep Kids Slimmer, Healthier, Study Finds

Eating together also reduces likelihood of eating disorders, researchers say

Bringing Partner Into Anorexia Treatment May Aid Recovery

In novel program, involvement of husband or boyfriend helped women beat the disorder, researchers say

Hormone Linked to Absence of Periods in Women With Low Body Fat

Lack of leptin contributes to condition, but a synthetic hormone may help, study suggests

Brain Stimulation Might Help Stroke Patients With Swallowing Problems

Small, preliminary study found electrical therapy led to improved function in patients

Eating Disorders More Prevalent Than Thought Among American Teens

Related social impairment, suicidal thoughts make this a major public health concern, researchers say

Self-Drawings May Reveal Hidden Eating Disorders

Women with anorexia or bulimia tend to sketch their body features differently, researchers say

Severe Mental Health Disorders Untreated in Many U.S. Teens

Shortage of mental health specialists for children likely to be a growing problem, experts warn

Study Refutes Myth That Eating Disorders Affect Whites Only

Binge, purge behavior found in more Native American women than men, researchers say

Surviving the Holiday Buffet

Expert tips on enjoying yourself without getting indigestion

Rate of Eating Disorders in Kids Keeps Rising

Anorexia and bulimia showing up more often in boys, minorities, experts report

Anorexic Teens May Gain From Whole-Family Treatment

Instead of blaming parents, these experts involve them in recovery process

Better Screening Urged for Self-Injury in Teens

Not all kids who intentionally cut or burn themselves meet 'classic profile,' expert says