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Whole Grains and Your Health

Eating 3 servings of whole grains a day could lower your risk of death new study shows.

Could Eating More Whole Grains Help You Live Longer?

Three servings a day lessens risk of dying from heart disease and cancer, study suggests

3 Popular Diet Plans May Help Ease Type 2 Diabetes, Too

They seemed to help, but researchers say more information needed

Health Tip: Fight Inflammation With Diet and Exercise

Suggestions to help ward off illness

Teen Smoking Down, E-Cigarette Use Up

CDC survey finds adolescents hear some health messages, but not all

Do Big Bottles Kickstart Infant Weight Issues?

Smaller baby bottles might help prevent early obesity in formula-fed infants, study suggests

Healthy Fats in Mediterranean Diet Won't Boost Weight

Vegetable oils, nuts can be a part of a healthful diet, experts say

Pop Stars Often Hawk Unhealthy Foods to Kids: Study

Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and others endorse sugary, less healthy fare, researchers say

Overweight Kids Eat Only a Bit More Per Meal

Study finds difference is surprisingly small -- just 11 calories on average

FDA Calls for Less Salt in Processed Foods

Agency sets short- and long-term goals in effort to cut Americans' risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke

Health Tip: Eat Healthier

Suggestions for more nutritious fare

Researchers Uncover Surprises About Celiac Disease

Immune condition most common among people descended from the Punjab region of India

Lifestyle May Be Key to Improving ADHD in Kids

Healthier habits related to exercise and diet could help many with the disorder, researcher says

Don't Let Bad Food Spoil a Good Barbecue

Keep the fun going by cooking foods to the right temperatures

Make That Memorial Day BBQ Tasty -- and Safe

Cooking meat at high temperatures can release harmful chemicals, but a few precautions help, nutritionist says

New Labeling Offers More Protection for Meat Lovers

Warns consumers that mechanically tenderized beef can raise bacteria risk, so more careful cooking needed

Health Tip: Enjoy a Healthier Mexican Meal

Lighten up on fat and salt

High-Salt Diets May Raise Heart Risks for Kidney Patients

Study found higher odds for heart attack, stroke in people who consumed more sodium daily

Living Near Fast-Food Places Hurts Less-Educated Most

Researchers propose regulating number of unhealthy food outlets

FDA Unveils Makeover of Nutrition Facts Label

Added sugars, relevant portion sizes among the highlights of revision

Fatty Foods During Teen Years May Influence Later Breast Cancer Risk

Higher amounts of unhealthy fats tied to greater breast density, researchers suggest

Healthy Living Could Drastically Cut Cancer Deaths

4 key lifestyle factors include: weight, exercise, no smoking and skipping alcohol, study says

Health Tip: Going Low-Calorie?

Restricting too much could backfire

Could Spuds Be Bad for Blood Pressure?

Eating potatoes 4 or more times a week linked to higher readings in study

Why Pleasant Mealtimes Could Be Key to Alzheimer's Care

Enhanced atmosphere reduces odds of malnutrition, dehydration, study suggests

Genetically Modified Crops Are Safe: Review

Extensive study concludes they're as safe to eat as food from traditional plant-breeding methods

Joe Montana Scoring Points Against Heart Disease

Former Super Bowl MVP focuses on daily exercise and limiting red meat, salty foods

Health Tip: Cleanse Your Body Naturally

Eat healthy and avoid 'detox' diets

Teens Who Eat Lots of Fruit May Lower Their Breast Cancer Risk: Study

But second report found women who drink more alcohol over time might increase chances of disease

Too Much Folic Acid in Pregnancy Tied to Raised Autism Risk in Study

But researchers stress that women should not throw away their supplements

FDA to Re-examine What Makes a Food 'Healthy'

Agency acknowledges changing standards, concerns

Restrictive Diets May Cause Thyroid Troubles in Young Kids

Cutting out foods with iodine led to deficiency that harmed metabolism in 2 children, case reports show

Artificial Sweeteners During Pregnancy May Make for Heavier Infants

Study found women who used them every day had babies who were twice as likely to be overweight by age 1 year

Health Tip: Is Your Child an Emotional Eater?

Here are potential warning signs

Health Tip: Trim Daily Calories

Food substitutions that will make you feel full

Fatty Foods, Drowsy Days

Study found men who preferred fat-filled fare were more likely to be habitually sleepy

Health Tip: Planning Makes Healthy Eating Simpler

Vary your menu to avoid boredom

If You're Craving Cookies, You Might Just Be Bored

Dull times lead to unhealthy choices, including chips, sweets and fast food, studies find

Coffee, Wine Good for Healthy Gut, Sodas May Be Bad

Study examines how food and medications affect makeup of bacteria in people's tummies

Health Tip: Choose Energy-Boosting Foods

The right diet fuels your workout

Americans Getting Adequate Water Daily, CDC Finds

Men take in an average of 14 cups a day, women almost 12

Babies Fed Rice-Based Cereals Have Higher Arsenic Levels, Study Finds

To avoid potential harm, experts recommend consuming a variety of grains early in life

Focus on Healthy Foods, Not Avoiding 'Bad' Ones, for Heart Health: Study

Fewer heart attacks, strokes and deaths seen among those who follow Mediterranean-style eating plan

Could Certain Fatty Foods Be Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer?

Study also suggests that cholesterol-lowering drugs may help counteract harmful effect

Health Tip: Enjoy Hard-Boiled Eggs Safely

Information about cooking and storing them

Dietary Habits and Stomach Cancer Risk

Major report links alcohol, processed meat and obesity to stomach cancers

Health Tip: Start Changing Your Lifestyle

Begin with these four simple steps

Alcohol, Processed Meats May Raise Stomach Cancer Risk

Excess weight also seems to boost chances of disease, and risk increases as three factors increase, researchers report

Cow's Milk Allergy in Childhood May Lead to Weaker Bones: Study

But one expert contends that difference in bone density wasn't enough, on average, to worry about fractures