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Health Tip: Are You Getting Enough Potassium?

Good sources of the essential nutrient

Dietary Supplements Land Thousands in the ER Each Year

Weight-loss products, energy boosters are common culprits, study finds

Many Cancer Survivors Eat Poorly, Study Finds

Doctors often overlook dietary advice, experts say

Weight, Growth Early in Life May Affect Adult Brain

Poor nutrition during childhood tied to poorer sight, hearing, and even thinking later on, study finds

Carrots Do Help Aging Eyes, Study Shows

Leafy greens, brightly colored veggies such as orange peppers also may stave off macular degeneration

Health Tip: Stop Late-Night Snacking

And avoid those extra calories

Health Tip: Make Good Gluten-Free Choices

Gluten-free doesn't necessarily mean healthy

Health Tip: Boost Energy Without Caffeine

Foods that can help recharge your batteries

Health Tip: Stay Fit and Healthy During Pregnancy

And keep up healthy habits once your baby arrives

Higher-Protein Diet May Help Some With Type 2 Diabetes

Study finds benefit for those with gene variant related to vitamin D metabolism

More Evidence High-Fiber, Mediterranean Diet Is Good for You

Plant-based regimens can boost fatty acids that lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease, study says

Sweetened Drinks May Damage Heart, Review Finds

Added sugars raise risk of heart troubles, stroke, experts say

Health Tip: Choosing the Right Bedtime Snack

It can ease hunger and help lull you to sleep

Forget Three Square Meals -- Americans Eat All Day Long

Tracking real-world eating patterns, researchers find that people consume food anytime they're awake

Potatoes, Tomatoes Make Up Bulk of Americans' Veggie Intake

Too little variety may mean too few nutrients for millions, USDA report warns

Coffee May Not Risk Irregular Heartbeat, Study Claims

Finds no link between beverage and increased odds of atrial fibrillation

Not All Trans Fats Harm the Heart, German Study Contends

Those found naturally in dairy, meat products may help, while low levels of artificial trans fats might not hurt

Beet Juice Boosts Muscle Power in Heart Patients

Researchers say dietary nitrate could help these patients climb stairs and get out of a chair

Health Tip: Eating Well at Work

Be prepared with healthy foods

Apples Are American Kids' Favorite Fruit

But children should broaden their palate, researcher says

A High Salt and Potassium Diet May Accelerate Chronic Kidney Disease

Study participants had far more sodium than the recommended daily limit

Sugary Drinks Often Part of Overall Poor Diet

Unhealthy eating, sweetened beverages may combine to raise diabetes risk, researchers say

Health Tip: Skip the Frying Pan

Try a healthier alternative

Jumbo Portions Lead to Overeating, Study Confirms

Researchers recommend curbs on size, availability of fattening foods

Mediterranean Diet With Olive Oil Might Cut Breast Cancer Risk: Study

Odds were reduced 68 percent in large Spanish review, but longer-term follow-up studies are needed

Short Lunch Periods Leave Kids Eating Less, Study Finds

Schools should take steps to expedite long lines to give students more time to eat, researchers say

Diet Sodas May Not Help You Lose Weight, Study Contends

People who drank low-calorie soft drinks tended to eat more foods high in sugar, salt and fat

Health Tip: Eat on Schedule

Don't lag on meal times

Could Eating Fish Help Ward Off Depression?

Consuming more meals from the sea linked to lower risk, study suggests, but cause-and-effect not proven

Gut Bugs May Affect Body Fat, 'Good' Cholesterol Levels

But finding does not prove certain intestinal bacteria determine size of one's waistline

FDA Acts to Make Food Safer in Wake of Outbreaks

New rules focus on cleanliness of manufacturing facilities

2nd Death Reported in Nationwide Salmonella Outbreak

Tainted cucumbers also linked to 341 illnesses in 30 states, CDC officials report

Very High-Calorie Diets Show How Overeating May Lead to Diabetes

In study, men consumed 6,000 calories daily for a week, with unhealthy results showing up within days

Think Genes Drive Obesity? You May Eat Less Healthy

In study, people who thought DNA dictated their body weight had worse diets and exercised less

Health Tip: Enjoy Sushi the Healthier Way

Suggestions to cut the calories

Health Tip: Avoiding the Weight-Loss Rollercoaster

Suggestions for healthier eating

Health Tip: Eat Enough Nutrient-Rich Foods

Here's what should be included in your diet

Health Tip: If Your Child Chooses Unhealthy Foods

Suggestions to help break the habit

Probiotics Don't Keep Bad Bugs at Bay in Critically Ill: Study

Despite 'good' bacteria treatment, antibiotic-resistant bacteria still colonized ICU patients' intestines

Cutting Calories May Help You Fend Off Age-Linked Disease: Study

Smaller portions could lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, even in low-risk people

Too Much Weight in Midlife Tied to Earlier Alzheimer's

Slimming down might delay dementia, research suggests

Could Lots of Coffee Up Heart Risks for Young Adults With High Blood Pressure?

Study finds an association, but can't prove cause and effect

Proposed NYC Law May Trim 54 Calories From Kids' Fast Food Meals

If passed, legislation would also reduce levels of fat and sodium, study says

Many Kids Tossing Fruits, Veggies in Trash Since New U.S. School Lunch Rules

Although youngsters put produce on their trays, they're throwing out about a third more, study found

Healthier School Meals Offered Across U.S., Feds Find

Students get more fruits and veggies, less salt

Health Tip: If Allergic to Eggs

Here are potential substitutes

Medical Groups Endorse Early Exposure to Peanut Products for High-Risk Infants

Interim guidance issued in response to study that found exposure lowered chances of allergy by 80 percent

Many Parents Put 'Food Pressure' on Their Kids, Study Finds

Overweight moms, dads often limit food intake, while those of normal weight push children to eat more

Main Dishes May Fall Flat After Stellar Appetizers

Want your entree to stand out? Use mediocre ingredients in your starter course, study suggests